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Mold And Mildew Has Its Own Smell

One of the most common indicators that you may have mold & mildew lurking at home or in your office is the smell. It is very musty and

Household Mold

Find mold before it becomes a big problem.

you likely won’t be able to ignore it. If you do the problem will continue to develop and it will be even harder to take care of. Since the presence of mold & mildew can also make people sick it is very important to find out what is going on. This way you can come up with a very effective solution to remove it.

The smell of mold & mildew may linger on longer than you like. In many instances you may have to do a second thorough cleaning a week or so later. If the mold & mildew has gotten too bad you will also have to consider replacing part of the wall or sections of carpeting. Do what you can to salvage the original items first but if it can’t be done you will have no choice.

You can definitely use various types of filters and fans to reduce the smell from mold & mildew but it isn’t recommended. Many people think if they can’t smell it they don’t have to deal with it. Yet the spores from the mold and the mildew are going to continue spreading like a wildfire. It can result in too much damage for you to just clean up from. You may end up spending thousands of dollars to get your walls and carpeting redone.

Only after you have removed all of the mold & mildew spores from the area should you consider using fans and ionizers. They can be effective to help get rid of the remaining smell that can linger for a very long time. If you have windows in the area open them to bring in fresh air from outdoors as well. You also want to open curtains so that the natural sunlight can come in. This will help kill off any remaining mold & mildew spores you may have accidentally overlooked.

While the smell of mold & mildew isn’t anything pleasant it at least lets you know you may have a problem to deal with. Pay attention to any new smells like that so you can take care of problems before they turn into something huge.