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Manufacturer Refunds And Rebates

Many manufacturers and retailers offer refunds in the form of a rebate. If you take advantage of these offers then it can really save you money. The problem though is too many


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people don’t take the time to submit them. They may choose to do so but then it gets pushed aside. Most of these refund & rebate offers have a very limited period of time associated with them. Should you miss that cut off you will be out of luck.

Yet sitting down for a few minutes to complete the paperwork to get this refund and rebate sent to you is well worth it. You will also need to pay for an envelope and a stamp but your refund check could end up being for $25 or more. The important thing is that you feel everything out completely in order to get the refund. If you are missing one of the elements you won’t get it.

Make sure you read all of the details associated with the refund and the rebate. You will likely have to submit your original receipt as well as your proof of purchase from the item in order to get it. Make sure you make a copy of these items for your own records as well. Many people just take a picture with a digital camera too as proof that they did indeed get this information and submit it.

Make sure you also keep a copy of the form that you have to send it as well. You will want the address and the phone number to contact them about it if you don’t get it. Many refunds and rebates can take six or eight weeks to process. Time has a way of getting away from us so document this information on the calendar. Then put all of your verifications in a safe place in case you need them.

Most companies are very responsible when it comes to honoring refunds and rebates. It is worth it for you to save money to take advantage of such offers. They can add up fast and save you a ton of money. It doesn’t take very long to complete the process and in most cases they are hoping you won’t. Yet not doing so is simply throwing money away.