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Mold And Mildew Killers Are Not All Equal

Getting rid of mold and mildew is quite a chore but it can be accomplished. Many of the chemicals to get the job done though can be harsh. You will be wise to make sure you have plenty of ventilation coming into the area. At the same time you should consider wearing a respirator. This way you won’t breathe in the harmful chemicals used to kill them or the spores from the mold & mildew.

Bleach and hot water are the most commonly used elements for killing mold & mildew. You will want to dilute it with three parts water to each one part of bleach. Don’t attempt to use just plain bleach or you will be overwhelmed by the stench of it. A good mix also ensures that you can was the walls and floors completely and not miss any areas.

There are some specific products on the market that are also to kill mold & mildew. You can get them at most hardware stores or online. You do want to carefully read the information on how to use them. Some are in a spray bottle and you just use them as they are. Others are in a concentrated form so you have to mix them with water. A mold & milder killer is only going to be effective if you use it as directed.

Once you have complete removed the mold & mildew, you may have stains on your walls to cover up. There are some brands of paint that have mold & mildew killer in them as well. If you live in an area where the climate is very humid this could be a very good investment for you. It will help prevent mold & mildew from becoming a problem for you again.

Look for a quality mold & mildew killer that includes both a fungicide and is a disinfectant. That way you will be killing both the fungus that is growing and the germs associated with them. There are plenty of quality products out there that you can use to effectively kill mold & mildew. If you don’t feel confident doing the job on your own you can hire a professional. They will have quality products as well that they use to get the job done effectively.