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Growing Plants Indoors Doesn’t Require A Green Thumb

Plants around the home and office bring a sense of life to the place. They are also a good source of clean indoor air for stuffy rooms. Often time people choose the wrong plant and then wonder why they don’t thrive or die off easily. Choosing a plant that fits not only your lifestyle but the environment you will place it in is necessary. And, growing plants indoors doesn’t require a green thumb when the right plant is chosen.

When little direct sunlight is available but the desire for plants is there, there are some that will thrive in that type of environment. An easy to care for plant that is attractive but requires low light and little water is the Ivy. This is a top choice for many and can grow rapidly and beautifully. Spider plants are also popular, especially for hanging in a window. These grow quickly also and only need a bit of sun and water to keep them healthy and happy.

A sunny room is a perfect place for a cactus. These don’t have to be those little prickly green things either. They come in a variety that flower beautifully and look amazing in any room, like the Prickly Pear. A good choice for the kitchen is an Aloe plant. These not only look good but they have the added benefit of aloe in the leaves to sooth small burns.

For those that constantly forget to water plants, choosing one that thrives in water would be a smart choice. English Ivy is one such choice, these do very well placed in a glass bowl and are very low maintenance while being attractive at the same time. Even a bamboo plant can do the job. They say it is the hardest plant to kill and putting it in a bowl of water is all that is needed to help it thrive. The only work needed is to change the water once in a while.

Tropical plants provide clean indoor air and are popular in the home and in public indoor spaces. A Dracaena is a plant that grows upwards that requires just a little water and low light. If you have space, they will grow very tall. Or you can choose the dwarf variety. Another tropical plant choice is the palm tree. They add vitality to a room and are attractive and also come in the dwarf species like Phoenix roebelini. This comes in a short trunk and can handle air conditioning and low light for brief periods.

The office is a popular place for plants and a small crocus adds a perfect touch to the space. They are fragrant, easy to grow, and can handle full sun or partial shade. Another choice that does nicely on a window sill is the garden geranium. They thrive in sunny condition and bright light and are considered very hardy.

Anyone interested in growing plants indoors shouldn’t worry about whether they have a green thumb or not. The only thing they should keep in mind is the right type of plant for the environment they are going to place it in. Plants add something special to a room, a source of color and a breath of life and beauty, and making a smart selection ensures you’ll be able to enjoy that plant for a long time.