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How To Create A Unique Baby Shower Gift Basket

When a woman is expecting, it’s a thrilling experience, despite her odd food desires, such as pickles, or her favorite flavor of ice cream at 3am which Dad goes out to get! Most women are completely absorbed in the

Baby Shower Favors

Baby Shower Favors (Photo credit: Flying Pig Party Productions)

baby mindset all through her pregnancy. However, as we all know, having a baby changes the budget forever. Along with this precious little child comes an array of new, but nonetheless welcome expenses. The traditional baby shower is a must. Here we’ve got some ideas on pooling resources with family members and friends, to put together a fabulous baby shower gift basket that will thrill your Mom-to-be.

1. Instead of a traditional basket, get a large wicker or rattan basket, or even a large decorated toy box. If a member of your group is artistic, you might also start with an unfinished wood toy box which can be hand painted for a very memorable gift. In any case, this baby shower gift basket can be put to use in the nursery as storage for blankets and bedding, then later serve as a child’s unique toy box.

2. Fill the bottom with diapers, either the disposables or cotton diapers, according to Mom’s preference. On top of the diapers, place gift wrapped packages with baby blankets, bedding, t-shirts in escalating sizes (0-3, 3-6 months, etc.) and towels and washcloths.

3. You might want to consider a baby food grinder and a booklet of baby food ‘recipes’. Mom may not have considered this idea, but she’s sure to love it, particularly when she sees her cash flow improving with money not spent on commercial baby foods!

4. There’s not a child around that doesn’t love stuffed animals! Pile several of the cutest you can find into your baby shower gift ‘basket’.

5. Mobiles make fascinating objects for baby’s nursery. As baby develops the ability to focus, a brightly colored mobile, hung over the foot of the crib, provides entertainment, as well as helping develop coordination of eye movement.

6. Coupons for baby stuff is something every Mom can use, but may not have the time (!) to hunt down. Have each member of your group spend a little time each day on this welcome addition to your baby shower gift basket. With little effort by 10-15 people, you can acquire a ton of these money-saving gifts. Track down gift cards as well.

7. Baby lotion, baby oil, diaper rash ointments and baby shampoo are all items Mom will be using frequently. Stash a couple of each in a small, rectangular basket, with a festive bow tied around it.

8. A gift subscription card for a baby magazine, or a baby care book is another economical, but valued resource for Mom.

While you’re shopping, don’t forget the thrift and consignment shops for items such as baby blankets, stuffed animals. These shops have strict policies on the cleanliness and quality of the merchandise they sell. You can find some unusual, great bargains to add to your fabulous baby shower gift basket at these shops.

Using the rattan or toy box concept, all of the guests have room to gather around this great big baby shower gift basket of goodies!