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Best Yoga Retreat Places To Go

Yoga retreat destinations have become a multi-million dollar industry over the

A yoga class.

A yoga class. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

past thirty years and a top choice for business professionals from America to Europe. Inspired by principles of Buddhism and Hinduism, yoga retreats and spas seek to cleanse the mind, body and soul through a healthy diet, yoga meditation and ancient, specialized breathing, yoga poses and posture techniques.

Yoga retreat vacations are great for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. A Yoga instructor since 1997, Jillian Pransky says, “Many of my students are city dwellers. Their yoga is fit in between running in and out of busy streets and wedged into their busy workloads. They get little respite and often don’t get the dramatic effect they experience on retreat. Your body has more time to open, change, purify and cleanse in a retreat environment than in a daily practice.”

For young, budget-conscious couples, the ten-day Inspya Yoga Retreat in Bali starts at $1009. Stay at the Greenfield Bungalows amid rice fields, tropical gardens and monkey forests. Visit temples, Mount Agung volcano and coral reefs in your free time. Paint a mural, participate in Balinese dance, meditate, learn to cook, make an offering or a wood carving, get a massage, swim in a spring water swimming pool, eat in an open-air restaurant, learn Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga and breathing techniques, or meet a traditional Balian healer. Loads of Aussies, Europeans and Americans flock here to find respite from daily stress.

You can go alone or with friends and spouses, you can take a high-intensity work out or a slow methodical yoga class, you can go to India or Thailand. Yoga Retreat destinations are varied and breath-taking, so start planning your spiritual vacation today!

The world is a fantastic place filled with diversity and new discoveries at every turn. One of these discoveries for the Western world came in the form of Yoga. This ancient practice was known primarily in Eastern religions such as Buddhism or Hinduism but has since become a very popular form of exercise. It is more than that though. It is a process of centering the mind and body into one fluid machine that is highly aware of itself and surroundings. Yoga can be performed by anyone of any age and is great for those beginning their trek into a healthier lifestyle. If you are ready to begin your trek, click here for more information: Yoga Pants and at Yoga Chairs also at Yoga Journal.