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How Crucial Is Cosmetic Surgery ?

English: Dr. Amir Karam Performing Fat Transfe...

English: Dr. Amir Karam Performing Fat Transfer to Face Cosmetic Surgery Procedure. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Did your mother ever tell you that you should be happy with what you have, in terms of your body? She, along with others, may have had good intentions, telling you that looks are not that important. But with all of the improvements in cosmetic surgery, you now have the opportunity to choose what to be happy with and what to change. And, if you do not choose to have it done, then you may just be in the minority. So, do you take the opportunity to improve on your appearance or do you feel it would be frivolous?

This has been looked at and talked about for so long, along with being the subject of many talk shows and books, that it is difficult not to have an opinion. One person may say that if it is reconstructive surgery that is being performed, then it is ok. While a counterpart may believe that having that type of surgery for any reason, even if you are unhappy with your looks, is not ok. Is a surgery, especially an elective surgery, performed after a necessary operation considered frivolous? In other words, if you underwent surgery for something like a Mastectomy, would it be wrong to undergo another surgery to correct the appearance of your breasts? And what about surgeries to rid the body of excess fat, such as a liposuction procedure? A weight loss surgery such as an this may be considered totally cosmetic, but for those who are morbidly obese, this type of operation may be a life saver.

If you have breast surgery after a Mastectomy is that still considered a frivolous form of cosmetic surgery? Since the original problem has been removed you shouldn’t worry about what the results look like, right? So, do they believe you should just be happy with what you have left after the original surgery and not waste money on any further surgery or do they perhaps consider that one reconstructive?

Surgeries of this type are, of course, a personal choice. Perhaps it does seem strange to some that you would choose to have surgery for something that was not absolutely necessary. Maybe they think that having elective surgery is completely wrong, but wrong for whom? Is it wrong to want to look normal or even better than average? Should you have to walk around for the rest of your life and have a constant reminder of what you went through every time you look in the mirror?

Have you considered cosmetic surgery? Did your friends and family try to talk you out of it? Or have you had a procedure done? If so, then what were people’s original reactions when they learned about your experience? Did they attempt to make you feel ashamed? Were you able to tell these people to get on with their own lives and mind their own business?

There are so many cosmetic procedures currently out on the market, it is a wonder that we have not turned ourselves plastic with all the remodeling. Liposuction is one of these cosmetic procedures used to rid the body of unwanted cellulite. Before you make that important decision to have liposuction you should try less invasive procedures. Some of these procedures do show a dramatic difference in the cellulite pockets and are easy to use. No machines and no needles are the answer you should seek out first. Simply take a look at the non-invasive procedures before making your mind up.