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Hydroponic Systems and Kits – No Experience Necessary

You don’t need to have your own backyard or even a bag of potting soil to begin growing your own vegetables, herbs or fruits when you invest in a Hydroponic system. No experience is necessary.

English: Rix Dobbs shows the roots of a lettuc...

Rix Dobbs shows the roots of a lettuce plant growing in a nutrient film technique hydroponic tube he built in Durham, North Carolina. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hydroponics is an amazing method of growing plants in water using plant nutrients and grow medium, with no need for soil. This system of growing plants without soil traces its history back thousands of years to ancient times in such cultures as the Aztecs, the Chinese and the Babylonians.

The first Hydroponic crops grown in the US in the early 20th century were tomatoes at the University of California Berkeley. Today, Hydroponic kits make it easy and convenient for would-be gardeners of all ages to enjoy growing their own fruits and vegetables in the comfort of your home or apartment. Space saving Hydroponic kits can be set up on rooftops, in basements, closets, spare rooms or kitchens where space may be at a premium. Modular Hydroponic systems, such as the WaterFarm, can be configured in a circle or line, close together or spread out, to fit your specific space. And best of all, no experience is needed because step by step instructions allow a Hydroponic gardener to successfully set up and run their system in a short amount of time.

Because Hydroponic systems allow plant nutrients to reach the roots faster, the quality of Hydroponically produced fresh produce is much better and plant development is much quicker than crops grown in soil. You can grow nutrient rich, healthy vegetables, superior in size, color and taste to soil grown, and even store bought organic vegetables. Many of your most favorite fresh produce items found at any local farmers market stand can be easily grown using a Hydroponic kit.

Among the many benefits of growing plants using Hydroponics is the lack of any mess from soil, the ability to grow items indoors even out of season, savings from water recycling, lower costs for providing plant nutrients, high yields and the system’s mobility as well as efficiency of space. The use of water rather than soil as a growing medium also makes odor and pest control much easier. Most Hydroponic gardens can be set up using less than 20 square feet of space.

For your first Hydroponics experience with Hydroponic kits, focus on one or two favorite plant categories that you will enjoy, such as herbs and lettuce, tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers, peppers, chilies or beautiful flowers. It is best to not go overboard with too many varieties until you have gained knowledge through a growing season. Because Hydroponic systems can be used indoors using artificial lighting, there is no need to wait until spring or summer to begin using a Hydroponic kit. Many fans of Hydroponic gardening got their start in the dead of winter and were able to enjoy a taste of summer in their cooking with fruits and vegetables grown in a limited amount of space, indoors, with no reliance on the weather or sunshine.

Hydroponic kits generally include the pump and fittings, grow medium, plant nutrients, pH kit, reservoir, growing tray and net pots to hold your Hydroponic plants, everything you need to start growing your favorite vegetables or flowers immediately. If you do choose to place your Hydroponic system indoors, a grow light will need to be added to your Hydroponic system to take the place of sunlight. Beginning Hydroponics gardeners find that using an ebb and flow (flood and drain) or drip irrigation system for watering is the easiest to understand and use. Aeroponic systems, which use a suspended root system and a spray mist for watering, take a little more time to get used to, and need to be watched closer.

Don’t be afraid to get started growing vegetables and flowers in a Hydroponic system because of the unknown. Hydroponic kits do come with instructions, and any question can be answered, information offered, and other products and meters discussed that will add to your success in Hydroponic systems.

Investing in your first Hydroponic kit can be an enjoyable hobby with delicious benefits. Who knows, you may become so fascinated with this easy method of gardening that you will expand your Hydroponic systems to grow larger crops simultaneously and enjoy fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs year-round, regardless of the season.

Marcia Price is a specialist in Hydroponics indoor gardening and Hydroponic Systems. Growing plants in water is an ecologically sound decision, with no water or space waste, ground or water contamination, or top soil erosion.