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Portable Generators Are An Excellent Accessory To Take On Your Next Camping Trip

There are many benefits to owning a portable generator if you are a camping enthusiast. With modern technology you can still go bush and yet have all the luxuries you’re used to at home. You might belong to the group that

Portable Generators For Camping

Portable Generator

believes that camping means you have to rough it but nothing could be further from the truth.

Portable generators are not only useful for around the house in a power outage but are also invaluable when RV, caravan or tent camping. What you are going to be using it for will determine the size and model you ultimately get.

When you are choosing a portable generator you first need to determine your power requirements. This is a simple task. List all of the devices that your generator will be powering at the same time, find out the wattage requirement for each appliance and then add them together. Some don’t have wattage requirements on them but they are easy to work out if you know the amps and volts. If you multiply the amps by the volts you will arrive at the required number of watts.

For large appliances you will need to factor in another requirement called the start up current. If you have large appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators and or freezers in your arsenal of travel gear then you need to factor in the start up current for your total power requirements.

For example, a fridge will require up to 3 times the amount of operating current to start up. Forgetting this important factor could damage your appliances and fry a few electronics. Take the largest start up currents that you know will be starting at the same time and add those together to find out your maximum power requirements.

Fuel Choices For Portable Generators

For camping trips gasoline powered is a good choice but it has a short shelf life. If you need to store a fuel supply for emergencies then most suppliers will recommend a propane powered generator. For maximum convenience there are models available that run on all available fuel supplies.

Other Things To Consider For Portable Generators

A portable generator for camping will need to be as silent as possible. If you don’t take this into consideration and get a noisy generator you risk being asked to leave the campsite or at the very least you will annoy all your neighbors. Generators aren’t welcome at a lot of campsites but for those that do it’s important that we don’t abuse the privilege. People are generally out camping for some peace and quiet so it’s important to respect that and keep generator usage to a minimum.

These days there are many models that are available that are super quiet but the important thing to remember when it comes to portable generators is that you get what you pay for so plan to pay a little extra for quality and durability.If you camp in national forests you will need to get a generator that has an approved spark plug arrestor. It doesn’t hurt to be on the safe side when it comes to preventing forest fires.