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Older Women Younger Men Relationships

There are a number of names for relationships between older women, younger men; everyone knows them, and not all of them are pleasant. Some call them, May-December relationships (he is in the spring of his life, and she

is in the winter of hers), or Cougar/Puma relationships, and these are supposed to be the better ones. Calling them MILF romances (it’s unprintable, but look at the movie American pie for details) or Arctic Fox relationships

English: and at TechCrunch50 2008

English: and at TechCrunch50 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(a really old woman with a much younger man) are in particularly poor taste. But whatever they call them, older women, younger men romances are all the rage now; the magazines can’t stop talking about them, the screenwriters can’t stop making up movies around them, and women and boys can stop acting on the idea.

Women are more successful at making a great living these days, than men are. And that could be a reason for why there is a sudden change in the way women look at men. And the flip side is, men find independent and capable women very attractive too. There’s something about the confidence they have, that they just can’t have enough of. A young man does have confidence of course, but having an older woman to go to who can see right through your confidence, can be very invigorating. Older women – younger men relationships flourish, because both parties happen to catch each other at exactly the right time.

Women, however successful they may be, do have the romantic side always open for business. Young men who haven’t really started their careers in earnest, have the time to indulge this romantic side. Add to that how it feels for a young man to look at a woman who easily achieves all that she has – a great job, a great car, and great looks. To him, she feels like someone descended from heaven, and he lets her know that. If women dated older men as always, they wouldn’t ever have a chance at that kind of heroine worship, now would they?

Being a part of the cougar – puma set, can feel very rewarding. You are someone like Mariah Carey or Demi Moore – you’re naughty. So what you do to get with the times here, if you do have a big cat hidden within? If you happen to know someone who flirts a lot around you, don’t hang back and think it couldn’t really possibly be about real interest. He admires you for knowing what you want, so go ahead and do what you want already. If you are worried about how you probably look older than him and how that will invite derisive smiles from people, there is no need for you to go advertise it right away. And besides, such a relationship should be a great incentive for you to get pounding on the treadmill, to stay in shape and be the best bait you can be. With a take-no-prisoners body, and a regular library visiting habit, you’ll simply begin to realize why the older women younger men thing is all the rage all of a sudden.