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Halloween Costumes With Imagination

This year you can dress up like a witch or a ghost, etc., but that doesn’t show a lot of imagination you your part. How about an adult Disney character costume? Just think about all the great characters in the Disney movies.

Ladies have have an array of beautiful outfits so they can live out their fantasies to be Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora or Ariel. They could also explore their dark side and become the Evil Queen, complete with a gown  and cape, gold cord and sash and a gold crown. Probably one of the most villainous characters available in an adult size Disney costume is Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians. Not really a costume for dog lovers! The black velvet dress is sleeveless and there is a Dalmatian print cape and fake Dalmatian fur. There’s also a black and white wig for the finishing touch.

English: "Clone" of Jack Sparrow in ...

English: “Clone” of Jack Sparrow in Tokyo, Japan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every schoolboy really wants to be a pirate and the Pirates of Caribbean series of movies introduced the swashbuckler to all of us. The hero is Jack Sparrow, with a cutlass in his hand and a glint in his eye. The Men’s Jack Sparrow adult costume from Disney looks like the genuine article with the headgear, tunic, trousers, boots and belt. Accessories are also available for the pirate, including a pistol, temporary eye tattoos, and simulated shrunken head and simulated chicken bones and foot suspended on a string. A pirate theme would go well with a home treasure hunt.

Peter Pan is another classic tale and the costume includes a dark green tunic, green hat with a red feather, brown trousers, and a brown leather belt with a holder for a sword. Every Peter Pan needs his Tinker Bell, with a mint green costume and gossamer style wings. Aladdin and Princess Jasmine, the Arabian Prince and Princess, also make an ideal couple. Aladdin has a silver jumpsuit, silver turban and purple cape. Prince Charming, the evergreen romantic hero has a costume with gold tassle braiding.

For a genuine look back at childhood, Minnie Mouse could make an entrance in a red polka dot skirt, white gloves and headband with trademark mouse ears. In comparison, there is certainly the futuristic hero from the Toy Story movies, Buzz Lightyear. This might be a good selection for an adult Disney costume at a science fiction party. Buzz the Space Ranger includes a bodysuit, boot covers, wings (for falling with grace), and hood. He also has flashing buttons, a requirement for any self-respecting astronaut.