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Selecting Landscaping Plants or Trees For Your Garden Design

Any garden can be spruced, regardless of its terrain, shape or size by adding some landscaping plants or trees. Planting shrubs and flowers along a garden path or around a tree won’t necessarily score you huge landscaping

Cuba Landscape

Cuba Landscape (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

points. There are right and wrong plants for your garden, and you will have to learn the difference.

The selection of landscaping plants or trees for your garden will be determined by your desired look, feel and purpose of your yard. Most homeowners design their yards with aesthetics in mind, while others put a higher priority on privacy. Whatever you decide it will improve your property value, so it is worth researching for other landscaping and gardening ideas.

For the latter, a decorative vine like the ivy is one of the best plant choices. Within a few weeks you will have your own natural wall that will screen your house from curious eyes and add to the aesthetic beauty of your property. All you have to do is provide someting for it to cling to.

Before you run to the local plant shop though, you have to know that cultivating an ivy vine may require a bit of time and effort from you. In the beginning, a young ivy plant is naturally small and it may look very tame. Before long, the vine will be several feet tall and crawling in all directions. If you do not constantly attend to and prune an ivy vine, it will quite often attach itself to places you don’t intend for it to be.

The universal choice for beautifying your home and garden is flowers for landscaping plants. Flowers are a beautiful addition as they are available in all colors, designs and sizes. The most important factor when making your decision is the climate or season they will have to endure. Most flowers flourish outdoors in moderate weather, but there are also those that prefer the colder climates or shadier spots.

Hardy plants and flowers are the most recommended options as landscaping plants for places that have four seasons, because they will be able to withstand the harsh changes in the weather. These landscaping plants do not require too much special treatment either.

Landscaping does not have to be made into a hard task if you have the necessary knowledge and

tools to do the job. You can always find more help and ideas in gardening magazines. Inquire at your local garden supply store or nursery for ideas and tips for the types of landscaping plants or trees to use.