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Wedding Quotes

A wedding might be a day of joy for many people, but for some people it can be nothing short of an unmitigated disaster. That is of course until they get over their part of the proceedings and finish the task of giving a speech. If you’re not used to giving a speech, and haven’t the least idea about how to go about writing a wedding speech, having to give one can become a source of great frustration. For this very simple reason many people fall back on using wedding quotes to get them through the day.

Using wedding quotes can be a great boon to the first time speech-giver, but you need to make sure that you don’t fall into the trap of making your entire speech, one big mass of wedding quotes after the other. Of course there are other tools and things to help you write and deliver the perfect wedding speech, but how many of us can stand up in front of a gathering of people and manage to sound passably coherent?

Our brains seem to short circuit and the carefully planned and prepared speech we had labored over, goes out the window and instead we’re confronted with shaky legs, sweaty palms, a nervous laugh and a sea of faces swimming back and forth in our vision as they all wait for coherent sentences to fall from our lips.

This is where wedding quotes come in handy. If you peppered your speech with these, you will most likely remember one of two of these at least, and you can use them to good effect even if you forget your entire prepared speech.

Of course, if you feel queasy about the thought of even having to say one or two words, you can resort to giving a short but heartfelt speech, and wedding quotes come in handy in this case as well. If you try really hard you can even revolve your entire (short) speech around one or two quotes.

On the other hand, wedding quotes don’t need to be the province of only the speech-giving handicapped; these wonderfully overused and misused quotes can also breathe life into a speech and can also have the effect of sending your audience into gales of laughter or have them sighing over their glasses of champagne.

However, proper usage of any wedding quotes that you use in your speech is entirely necessary, as it can otherwise make your speech sound stilted and mechanical. And the very last thing that you want to do is to give a speech that is devoid of personalization and relies instead on stale old wedding quotes to get it through.

So use any good wedding quotes that you come across but use them only where appropriate and also remember to use them sparingly. Don’t pepper your entire speech with wedding quotes!