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Wedding Toasts Can Be The Life Of The Party

Wedding toasts can be a nightmare of blunders, long windedness, and forced joviality. Or they can be a fun and interesting way for people to share their joy with the newly married couple, and make a Wedding Toasts - Be Careful About What You Saymemorable day, even more memorable. Or like I mentioned earlier, they can be an unmitigated disaster.

A lot I believe depends on the type of wedding that you’re going to have. If it’s a formal wedding, you have a reasonably good chance of keeping things under control and giving the mike over to those of the guests whom you have already invited to make a toast.

If however, you have a more informal occasion, you might not find it so easy to keep things under control, and your beloved Uncle Freddy who has had a one two many, might find the mike in his hands, in which case all you can do is to sit back and wait to see what happens.

On the other hand, you will find wedding toasts can be the life of the party so to speak. Having a slew of wedding toasts can become very boring, very fast, but if you can keep the can of worms firmly tamped down, you might find that you end up with a memorable few minutes from the people whom you love, and whom you have invited to share your special day together.

It should also be noted that wedding toasts can be said by anyone wanting to give their good wishes to the bridal couple, and if you’re not on the list of people to give a toast but suddenly find yourself overwhelmed by the joy and happiness you’re feeling and want to share it with everyone there are a few rules that you should follow to make your wedding toast a pleasant one.

And the very first thing that you need to do, is to keep it short. Wedding toasts are not wedding speeches, and chances are that the wedding speeches have already come and gone. And if not, don’t worry there will be more than enough people who are there to make a wedding speech. So remember to keep it short, and sweet.

Be careful about what you say. Rude jokes and humiliating or potentially embarrassing anecdotes never go down well at such occasions. Keep things on an even keel, and remember that there is a wide array or ears listening in to what you’re saying, and also remember that embarrassment never works in such situations.

Wedding toasts for the most part should be clean and fun, in keeping with the festive occasion, and should not bring any bad feelings on the part of anyone, least of all the newly married couple. And don’t forget to raise your glass in toast, and to take a sip from your drink. Many people are so nervous about standing up to make the toast that they forget to do the actual toast!