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Washing Machine Comparisons

What's wrong with this washing machine ?
Image by Vincent Montibus via Flickr

Is it true that you will guy a Maytag washing machine just because that is what your mother had? That might be true but if it is, there are good reasons besides nostalgia that makes you trust a washing machine your parents used. If that machine was reliable for many years or decades, that kind of performance is something you remember. And if that is the machine you first learned to do laundry on, you know the controls are easy to use and that is a plus when you get a new washing machine for yourself.

Even if you have a preference for the washing machine that mom used, its always a good idea to do some comparisons of the washing machines that are on the market today to see which one is for you. You will find that the options and variety of washing machines today far exceed what mom had to chose from when they bought their first machine. But the evaluation criteria have not changed.

It does take some presence of mind and sales resistance to keep your evaluation criteria clearly in mind when you shop the myriad of flashy designs in the stores where washing machines are sold. The “bells and whistles” that many new machines come with are so impressive and exciting that you can almost be talked into the idea that you need every modern toy that the newest machines come with. One rule you might make is to never buy anything on impulse but to go home and sit down and talk through what you really need. That gives you a chance to let the sales environment evaporate and for you to get your wits about you again.

After all, features and functions on a high dollar item like a new washing machine only run the cost up higher. They may hide the washing machine model that just does the basic functions back in the corner of the store. But if that model is all you really need, then why not get it if it is a solid piece of machinery? When all is said and done and that washing machine lives at your house faithfully doing just one thing and that is cleaning your clothes, you will be glad you didn’t max out your credit card buying a washing machine you did not need.

This is not to say that washing machines with many modern features are not good purchases if that is what you need. But be the boss of the process and set your top priorities for this purchase before you go to the first sales room. And be stubborn about insisting that you will stick to those priorities no matter what clever methods sales people use to talk you into the top of the line washing machine. By being a good shopper and a smart shopper, you will end up with the washing machine you wanted and the one you need. Who knows. It might be the very same model that your mom used to have.

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