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Rubber Flooring: An Added Degree Of Durability

There are many situations where traditional flooring solutions simply will not work. In cases like this, an added degree of durability or safety may be required. Hardwood floors are prone to rubber flooring adds an extra degree of durabilityscratches from abrasion, and may also be too slick in some cases. Carpet frequently does not provide the steady traction or shock absorbing properties needed under some circumstances. Sports facilities such as gyms, ice rinks, and tracks commonly demand a higher level of reliability from their flooring. Rubber flooring is a very simple answer to this problem, as it provides all of the needed properties for an affordable price.

Rubber flooring is both flexible and rigid, giving a high degree of comfort as well as toughness. A rubber floor can absorb the shock of a falling weight, while also maintaining its rigidity under the extremely heavy load of exercise machines. A high quality rubber floor will not tear or rip under pressure. Rubber flooring is also very easy to install, as it is usually sold as a set of tiles that interlock. These interlocking tiles are simple to fit together, and do not require any industrial adhesives. This makes rubber flooring an environmentally friendly option, especially when recycled rubber is used in its construction.

Rubber sold as gym flooring commonly has a great traction surface that prevents any dangerous tendency to slip. The anti-slip surface is usually double sided, ensuring that the rubber flooring will remain in place, while also preventing those on it from falling. This is essential in a sports facility, where safety is of great concern. Rubber flooring will absorb the shock and noise of a falling weight, where concrete and hardwood would crack and suffer permanent damage.

Commercial Mats and Rubber is a large manufacturer of rubber flooring, specifically engineered for use in sports facilities. Their Diamond Mega Tiles are great for use in a gym, and provide great protection against falling weights, as well as a high traction surface on both sides. Diamond Tiles are made with an interlocking design, making them very simple to install without any professional assistance. The Diamond Tiles are available in a wide range of colors and textures. The tiles are produced with high strength rubber that will not tear or rip under great loads, but remain firmly in place as they must.