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Front Load Washing Machines

When you are shopping for new washing machines, it is easy to be drawn to the newest models because they “look cool”. But it is important to look closely at even the cool looking machines to make Front Loading Washing Machinessure you are comfortable with the new innovations that you are buying into with one of those models. This concept is especially important if you have decided to take a chance on the newest “craze” in washing machines, which are front loading models. If you think that the only difference between these kinds of washing machines and the traditional style washing machines that you load from the top, you would do well to learn more before you make the investment.

If you buy and bring home a front loading model of washing machine, you will find that you have stepped into a new world of how clothing is washed. The entire operating design of a front loader is different from a top loading model. The traditional approach to having clothing soak and then agitate in a large drum of hot water and suds went out the window entirely with the front loading model. The front loading approach to washing clothes uses much less water and an entirely different kind of soap that does not generate as many suds.

The water pool in a front loading machine resides at the bottom of the drum that stands upright. After you load the washing machine, the water is added and the soap enters as the drum begins to tumble your clothing similar to how they are tumbled in a front loading dryer that you are used to seeing at the Laundromat.The tumbling action combines the water, detergent and air for a much more natural cleaning system. In addition, when the clothes contact the water at the bottom during the agitation cycle, that impact is part of the cleaning process.

The front loading system of cleaning uses the detergent as part of the cleaning cycle but suds are not part of the way the clothing get cleaned. In fact, if you used your regular detergent that makes a lot of suds, the presence of suds would interfere with the contact of the clothes with the water and you would end up with clothes that were only partially clean. Not only that but because the washer is designed to work with a high efficiency and low suds detergent, using the old style detergents can hurt the washing machine itself.

It will be worth it to get used to how you manage your loads and how you use detergent in front loading machines. The end result is clothing that is actually cleaner. And because the machine uses less water and high efficiency detergent, the process of washing your cloths is more ecologically friendly. And since the washer uses less energy and water, it is cheaper to operate as well, that is just an added benefit to this new innovation in how you wash you clothes.