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Fast Weight Loss – Fact or Fiction?

There’s no doubt that many people need to lose a few pounds. Walk around where people gather, you’ll see it. Look in the mirror, unfortunately you’ll likely see it there too. When your goal isLose weight now fast weight loss, keep a few simple things in mind to take off the pounds quickly and safely.

When people want to lose weight one of the most common things they do is to skip meals. Hey, if eating fewer calories is the goal then why not skip breakfast or lunch. Fewer calories means losing weight, right? Yes, but skipping meals is a mistake, not the right way to reduce calories. When you skip meals your body goes into starvation mode. It starts to retain fat to counteract what it perceives as being starved. Another problem with skipping meals is that when you finally eat you’ll be a lot more hungry. This could lead to binge eating. Skipping a meal plus binge eating, then, will likely result in eating more calories and the body gaining even more weight from those calories than normally. It’s the worst of both worlds. Don’t skip meals.

Know how much to eat. It’s called portion control and it’s as important as eating the right foods. Too much of even a healthy food will still result in weight gain. It’s hard to do when large portions are so common. Restaurants and even most people in home cooking serve portions far larger than needed. Sources such as the FDA list recommended daily allowances. If you must eat out, keep portion size in mind. You’ll likely have to cut down on what a restaurant serves.

Eat more whole grain foods, skip the white grains such as white bread, sugar and white rice. Whole grains are rich in nutrients and low in fat. The fiber in whole grains will make you feel fuller faster and longer. Also whole grains contain many nutrients that are often lacking in people’s diets.

Drink more water. Drink it instead of juices and sodas which add about 90,000 calories to the average person’s diet each year. Drink it between meals too. In fact, the goal is 8 glasses of water each day. It seems like a lot, but it’s not. Drinking water will also promote health in general by keeping you well hydrated and helping to avoid overheating.

Eat healthy snacks between meals. The body needs food every three to four hours to maintain proper blood sugar. Eating healthy snacks, such as fruits, helps control eating at meal times.

Fast weight loss isn’t impossible with a little knowledge and planning. Keep these things in mind and pretty soon you’ll see a slimmer you when you look into a mirror.