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Tanning Booths

Though similar in function and technical specificity, tanning booths are different from tanning beds by the user’s position. With tanning booths one stands, and this peculiarity

English: Woman uses a tanning bed.

English: Woman uses a tanning bed. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

represents the main advantage of such equipments. Sanitation is the actual reason for which tanning booths are preferred over tanning beds, since they require virtually zero contact between the body and the unit. The popularity of such devices also increased because of many false myths about tanning beds: there were people who claimed to have got herpes from prior users, for instance. Though this may not have been the case, negative publicity works too, and tanning booths got prominence over tanning beds.

The truth is that regardless of whether of using tanning beds or tanning booths, disinfectants are a must, not to mention that the high UV environment makes the proliferation of bacteria almost impossible. Tanning booths also stand apart by the higher power output in the reflecting UVA lamps. This means that technically speaking, tanning booths need 160 watt lamps, which are significantly more powerful than those used by tanning beds. This is also the reason for which, the sessions are five or ten minutes shorter too, which could really matter for one who cannot afford to waste any time at all.

One of the advantages of tanning booths was only discovered when the presence of the pressure points came under debate. When lying on a bed, a person’s body gets areas where the blood flow is reduced. The consequence of this unevenness is irregular tanning, but the chances for such an accidental skin look are significantly reduced with tanning booths. What clients find more upsetting is the higher costs for the tanning booths services, as not anyone can afford to pay double or triple three times a week. This is also the reason why the number of the tanning beds is significantly higher, as not all salons invest in more expensive devices.

Generally speaking, tanning booths fall under the same category as other tanning equipment: they have the same health risks and the national regulations apply similarly. Even if the time spent in tanning booths is a bit reduced, the exposure to ultraviolets is not completely safe, and the potential hazards are amplified by the prior existence of some skin problem left undetected until the tanning session. Therefore, people should be more careful with their body, as good looks are not worth getting at the expense of personal health.