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4 Wheelers ATV For Kids

It is small wonder that children and teenagers get excited about having their own four wheelers. If they have enjoyed the excitement and fun of taking an ATV off road with mom or dad, it is natural that a young person’s curiosity would make them want to have their very own four-wheeler to handle themselves and know that sense of freedom and power driving an ATV provides. As the adult in the life of your youth, you know the fun of four-wheelers so you naturally want to let your son or daughter have one to begin to learn the skills of four-wheeling first hand.

Kid Size 4 Wheelers

Kid Size 4 Wheelers

By the same token, you know the dangers that driving an ATV off road can present. The caution and common sense that is second nature to an adult are often absent in the very young. So it is up to the adults in their lives to help children and especially teenagers to develop that common sense that may not be that common at a young age. If you make that a priority and you impress on your kiddos the need to learn to drive an ATV responsibly, then you can begin to bring them along on the road to four-wheeler ownership.

Finding the right ATV for the age and size of your child or young person is the first priority when you want to introduce a kid to operating their own four-wheeler. The major ATV manufacturers make models of four-wheelers that are especially designed to be a child’s first ATV or to fit the abilities and physical limitations of a young teenager. It is important to purchase the four-wheeler to fit the child’s age and abilities and not to turn over a full powered adult four-wheeler to a little one. You would not let your child drive your car so you would never let a youngster drive your adult powered ATV.

Honda quad bike. Also known as four-wheeler

Honda quad bike. Also known as four-wheeler or ATV (All-terrain vehicle) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When getting a four-wheeler for your kiddo, it should fit his or her size and strength as well. Even if you are getting the ATV for your child for his or her birthday or for Christmas, it is worth it to spoil the surprise enough to take the youngster shopping and fit the ATV to the child. He or she must be able to reach and operate the steering and other controls without difficulty and with no more additional movement than you need when you operate your ATV.



The four-wheeler should also be built to operate at a much reduced power and challenge level. This means the child’s ATV or even the teenagers version of the four-wheeler will not be so powerful that they youngster could lose control of the vehicle easily leading to a nasty accident.

The most important thing your child needs when he or she is learning to operate an ATV is teaching. Under no conditions should he or she
take that ATV into unknown territory or difficult terrain. Driving around a vacant lot in the neighborhood is plenty. Then as you teach your child how to operate that machine, you can slowly increase the challenge as the common sense of how to drive a four-wheeler responsibly begins to become evident in the way your son or daughter drives their very own ATV.

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