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Wood Flooring for Traditional Appeal

Wood flooring can add a great traditional touch to any home.  For an addition of elegance and time tested quality, hardwood flooring is a great option.  A high Traditional Ash Wood Flooringquality maple or oak wood flooring can add tremendous value to a residence, while also building a base for an elegant atmosphere.  Hardwood flooring is available in a wide variety of shades, colors, patterns, and finishes.  Finding the right wood flooring for your home can be a little overwhelming, but the process is very much worth the time.  Although carpet is definitely an alternative, wood flooring has a traditional appeal that is hard to deny.

The first step is in finding out whether your home is appropriate for wood flooring.  When in climates that change temperature extremes every season, hardwood may have a tendency to crack and split with expansion and contraction.  High humidity is also a significant problem when considering wood flooring.  Excess moisture tends to be absorbed into the wood flooring, leading to warping and buckling over time.  Crowning and cupping are common problems for wood flooring exposed to moisture.  When a floor crowns or cups, it bows out of shape, most frequently in the middle of the floor.  This can be a difficult issue to correct once moisture has caused the problem.

Once you have decided that hardwood is the right choice for you as a homeowner, there are many options from which to choose.  Maple and oak are more traditional species, while cedar gives a more rustic and natural atmosphere.  A higher gloss finish will result in a more reflective surface, while a lower gloss fits in with a darker atmosphere.   The thickness of the boards is also an important factor in selecting the right wood flooring product.  Thicker boards will be more durable and more resistant to moisture.

Moisture is a big problem for hardwood flooring.  Avoid exposing wood flooring to moisture as much as possible.  If storing wood flooring outdoors before installation, be sure to cover it with a tarp in case of any precipitation.  Clean up spills on the wood flooring immediately in order to prevent eventual warping and cracking.  If water beads up on the surface of the flooring, it is time for another coat of finishing on the flooring.  Protect your investment, and wood flooring can last for generations.


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