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Overcoming Your Anxiety

When it comes to Anxiety, you have a choice to make; let it control you, or you can get better control of it. Letting anxiety control your life is not a good idea. People who try to live with anxiety will
normally feel extremely unhappy, will lose energy and eventually become depressed because of the inability to stop worrying. Fortunately, you can recover from this

English: An anxious person

English: An anxious person (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

miserable condition, which can often represent a significant improvements in your life and health. Here are a few things you can use in the fight for overcoming anxiety.

If you don’t control your thoughts, anxiety increases in intensity, and the stronger the negative thoughts, the higher the anxiety. Learning some form of mind control is the first step of overcoming anxiety. Sometimes, complementary therapies that teach relaxation, meditation and bio-feedback will also teach you how to manage emotions and feelings with a certain detachment. A simple exercise would require that every morning and every evening you should count the good things in your life. Positive affirmations could also work well for such motivational purposes: use them extensively for a few minutes before you start your day.

Goal setting works well for the diversion of thoughts and feelings: when you set small objectives to fulfill each week, you’ll feel a lot more fulfilled and less depressed. Then, talking about your problems and worries with your therapist or with someone you trust will bring relief and the chance to judge things at the right proportions without exaggerating. This can only be achieved if you have honest enough not to tell them in a far-fetched manner. Therapy will encourage you to open up more, and both individual and group therapy are good for the case.

The progression of anxiety and fear is usually slow and steady. It can begin with something as simple as having a bad experience in public. Let’s say that you had a bad day and got nervous while giving a short presentation at work or school. You didn’t like the way that made you feel so you start avoiding situations where you could be asked to make another presentation. Pretty soon, it develops into a full blown fear. Next, you develop a “phobia” or an irrational fear of presentations, just the thought of them makes your stomach churn.

The old adage: “if you fall off of a horse, you have to get right back on” says it all. You cannot let irrational fear run your life. You have to realize that everyone is afraid most of the time.

Visualizing the right solutions to your problems and positive situations, smiling and laughing, reading amusing stuff and enjoying the company of friends and family work wonders on the optimism level making worries less pervading. Plus, sports activities and physical training in general will bring enormous benefits. Training reduces the stress level in the muscles and relaxation is much easier to achieve. Therefore, lifestyle balance is definitely a priority for anyone who fights for overcoming anxiety. The amount of worries will decrease if you strive to do the right things.

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