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Anxiety and Stress

It is hard not to talk about anxiety and stress in the conditions of daily existence, regardless if referring to work problems or to the butterflies Anxiety And Stress Can Wreak Havok On Your Life in the stomach before a first date. Tension is actually part of our life, and it often makes us work harder and do our best to achieve what we have set as a goal. However, anxiety and stress no longer remain stimulating factors when present in too high proportions in one’s life: anxiety disorders are a nervous disease and they have to be treated. Such a health problem induces anxiety and stress on a permanent basis without any real motive for it.

Anxiety and stress will ruin your entire day, making you incapable of work, not to mention the constant fear of getting a panic attack. It is false to assume that these health problem represent a character flaw; stop believing that this happens because you are weak. Lots of people try the approach of pulling themselves up by the bootstraps, but this very seldom works. Therapy becomes necessary, sometimes accompanied by the administration of tranquilizers or antidepressants. Therefore, before resuming a normal life, all the factors that cause anxiety and stress have to be identified and dealt with.

A disorder caused by anxiety and stress has two types of components: psychological and biological, and therefore the solution for the problem has to include behavioral and cognitive psychotherapy methods. Family history and genetics have their share among the possible triggers of an anxiety disorder, but other factors too contribute to the evolution of the disease. Traumatic experience, the impossibility to deal with a too high stress level, major life decisions, alcohol or substance abuse, emotional instability and lots of other problems could be at the root of recurrent panic attacks.

Family support is incredibly important in the fight against anxiety and stress. It is more than obvious that people with a balanced and harmonious lifestyle who feel happy with their family and living conditions, are less likely to suffer from an anxiety disorder. Nevertheless, dealing with stress is something natural in regular life, and the nervous system will fail to cope with it only when there is too much. Moreover, the recovery is also improved by family support. Good documentation, open communication with the therapist and the active involvement in helping the patient, should normally reduce anxiety and stress and help one regain normality.