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Pet Dander Allergies

Pet dander allergiesy is a condition that many people have. This allergic reaction is caused by a human reaction to some proteins that are present in most animals with fur. This said, not all animals have dander that Pet Dander Allergies Can Make You Suffercan cause allergic reactions, however their byproducts can cause allergic reactions in some people. Examples of pet byproducts that can cause allergic reactions are bird and rodent droppings or rodent urine.

The effects of pet dander allergies are inflammation of the nasal passages, post nasal drip, watery eyes and runny nose. These symptoms are similar to hay fever, one of the more common allergies, as well as allergic rhinitis. Other symptoms that signal an allergic reaction are itchy eyes, itchy nose and constant clearing of the throat. Asthma is different from an allergic reaction in the sense that the individual may have some difficulty breathing and may need to be brought to the hospital if medication is not at hand.

Allergy Prevention

Preventing one’s exposure to anything from animals can actually decrease the effects of pet dander allergies. In spite of this, there are no guarantees that limiting contact will prevent allergy symptoms, pet dander is hard to avoid if an animal lives in the house. Dander can actually cling to clothes and human skin which makes its transport quite easy. The allergic humans exposure to dander, whether old or new, can ultimately lead to a pet dander allergy.

People who know that they are allergic to pet dander can avoid holding animals with fur or feathers. Direct contact to pet dander might trigger a skin reaction which is itchy and often breaks out in hives. This skin reaction to dander can be uncomfortable and undesirable since hives are red patches of bumps that occur in the skin. Itchy skin, on the other hand, may appear normal unless scratched by the individual making it red and scored.

Pet Dander Allergy Medication

Pet dander allergy medication is the same as other medications for allergies. Antihistamine and corticosteroids make up most of the prescribed medications for pet dander allergy relief. Many doctors prescribe pet dander medication for several weeks or as long as several months, depending on the severity of the allergy. In the case of pet dander allergy, the reaction usually goes away after just a single dose of the medication and if the exposure to dander is kept at a minimum.