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Retirement Jokes

A retirement party is a great opportunity to let the retiree know what they meant to the company, and to their colleagues. After years of service, a retirement party is meant to summarize accomplishments, remember memorable moments, and celebrate personal connections. A retirement party should also be fun, so a little humor is most likely in order. No one has to be a comedian, but it helps to inject a little humor into the proceedings.

When trying to come up with a retirement speech, the humor part of it can be very challenging to come up with. Delivering a little humor in a retirement speech is an excellent way to break the ice and get the crowd to relax. Retirement jokes abound on the internet, making it easy to find some stock material that will go over fairly well. The best kind of humor, however, can be found when it applies to the personal experiences of the retiree.

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Look back through the time a retiree spent at the company, and find potentially humorous incidents. Talk to colleagues about incidents they may have experienced with the retiree. The best way to use humor in a retirement speech is to create a smooth introduction, leading into a more serious subject. Humor can act as a great intro for a memorable moment, when the retiree may shown great character.

Situations that may have been stressful during the career of the retiree can be a funny way to segway into a commentary on their character. Talking about a tough situation the retiree found him or herself in can be humorous, but it can also demonstrate their stalwart character. Getting the audience to laugh, and then drawing them in with a memorable commentary, is a great speech technique.

More general retirement jokes can be found just about anywhere on the internet. While these tend to be highly formulaic and general, they can be a simple way to break the ice. Again, nobody has to be a comedian at a retirement party. Retirement jokes are simply meant to establish a rapport with the audience and get them to perhaps chuckle a little. If you go with some one liners from the internet, be sure to only employ a few of them. Any more and a speech will sound canned.