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Cut Your Carbohydrate Intake In Half

Are you on a diet? Because, if you are, then you’ll definitely love to know more about low carb recipes which you could use in preparing your own low carbohydrate meals. If you would like to lose weight, without diet pills or surgical procedures, a low carb diet will get you where you want to be. Low carb recepies are not just for those who need to diet. Anyone wanting to improve

Grain products are often baked, and are rich s...

Grain products are often baked, and are rich sources of complex and simple carbohydrates. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

their overall health can benefit from reducing carbohydrates in their diet.

Low carb recipes are easy to put together with foods that you eat every day. You don’t have to visit a pricey organic grocery store or whole foods market. To get started, you would just need to identify the high carbohydrate foods that you currently eat on a regular basis and cut their usage in half when preparing your daily meals.

Here’s a list of some foods that you may be eating every day.

<[caption>Foods By Carbohydrate Level

Food Carb Level
Baked potatoes High
Waffles High
Gatorade High
Grapenuts High
Bread (White and Whole Wheat) High
Bagel High
Stuffing High
Grape Nuts High
Rice (brown) Intermediate
Raisin Bran Intermediate
Oatmeal Intermediate
Bran Muffin Intermediate
Green Pea Soup Intermediate
Ice Cream Intermediate
Blueberry Muffin Intermediate
Rasins Intermediate
Powerbar (chocolate) Intermediate
Apple Low
Orange Low
Bananna Low
Carrot Low
Sweet Corn Low
Bread (Whole Wheat) Low
Dried Apricots Low
Peas Low
Orange Juice Low
Fruit Yogurt Low
Tomato Soup Low
Skim Milk Low
Baked Beans Low
Lentils Low
Kidney Beans Low
Lima Beans Low
Garbanzo Beans Low

* Source: web.mit.edu/athletics/sportsmedicine/wcrhighcarbs.html

These are just a few samples of food that may already be a part of your daily diet. Knowing what these are, you should be able to cut them in half or substitute them easily to create your new low carb meals.

For more information on carbohydrate content in the foods that you eat, try These low carb recipes online are for everybody even for your other family members, you may also want to share these with your family member if you want to. With the right ingredients and less amount of carbohydrates, your family will surely enjoy the food you’ll prepareyou will have a healthy diet for your family to enjoy.