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Low Cholesterol Snacking

Low Cholesterol SnackingIndividuals with high cholesterol have a greater risk of developing heart disease or from suffering from stroke. For these individuals, the reduction of bad cholesterol is the key to living a normal, healthy life. Cholesterol is a waxy substance that is found in one’s blood. Build up of this waxy substance can clog the passages in which blood travels and lead to stroke or different forms of heart disease that can prove fatal. Exercise combined with a healthy diet can help resolve this problem.

A healthy diet is necessary to enable a person to reduce his or her levels of cholesterol. Its not only the main meals which need to be low in cholesterol but a low cholesterol snack should also be considered. A low cholesterol snack is encouraged as an in between meal support to supplement your diet. Let’s face it, most of us tend to snack between meals, so make that snack a healthy one. What is “healthy”?

Healthy means NO fatty or greasy foods, including junk foods high in saturated fats. A low cholesterol snack may seem unimportant, but it can help a person struggling to reduce high cholesterol achieve his or her goal…and that could save their life.

A low cholesterol snack is one that has a low or non-existent level of saturated fats. Saturated fast are dangerous for your health in the sense that this type of fat is converted to bad cholesterol in our bodies.

So, what can I eat?

Examples of a low cholesterol snack include fresh fruits and vegetables. These low cholesterol snacks are self explanatory in their importance in our daily diet. They not only provide some essential vitamins and minerals but these also help to facilitate better digestion. Other low cholesterol snacks include some nuts and pretzels which are low in sodium. Some nuts like almonds can help lower the levels of bad cholesterol which is a plus if you like almonds. Pretzels are also a great low cholesterol snack that can be filling enough to curb your hunger. Other snacks that have low cholesterol content are popcorn, ostrich meat, turkey meat and others.

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