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NOS Energy Drinks

NOS energy drinks are so popular that your kids probably know them by name. I have to hand it to the NOS marketers, they have positioned their product well.NOS Energy Drinks

As always, when dealing with energy boosting products, the question on everybody’s mind is whether it is healthy to use NOS in the long run? Some say there’s nothing better than NOS energy drink as it provides extra power when needed, while others claim that it is too strong and should be used in moderation. The important fact to remember here is that not all people react the same way to energy drinks. Each individual will have a different reaction to drinking NOS energy drinks and if it doesn’t work well for you, simply stop drinking it.

As far as merchandising goes, they named NOS energy drink after a brand of nitrous (nitrous oxide) that is used to, exponentially, increase the performance of race cars. Of course, there’s no nitrous in the drink, it is used metaphorically to attract a younger demographic. The merchandising team at NOS energy drinks portrays the drink as giving the drinker the ability to do miraculous stunts without any effort. This can be a bit misleading because some people may take these notions literally ( I really hope not! ).

NOS energy drink has a different taste as compared to Red Bull’s stronger, wine like, taste. NOS energy drink, on the other hand, tastes of citrus which makes it pleasant on the taste buds. However, some people claim that the citrus flavor in NOS energy drink is too sweet to bear when you plan to gulp down a whole bottle at once. My answer to that is: “Don’t gulp down the whole bottle at once.”

When it comes to the charge that it provides, NOS energy drink tops the list and is one of the most sought after drinks. The taurine 1000 mg, caffeine 130mg and ginseng 50 mg hikes your energy within a shorter period of time and lasts for hours without any problem. Some report having breathing difficulties following a NOS energy drink but most users only praise this tasty drink.