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Odor Removal Tips

There are many conditions that call for a quality odor removal product that actually works. It is very important to look into your options before putting any soap or other classic cleaning agent on the smelly surface. These cleaners can actually lock the odor into the surface, especially a porous one. Following are some options in odor removal that you may want to consider.

If the smells linger in the air, you may want to opt for activated charcoal. This stuff literally sucks the stink out of the atmosphere. I was thrilled to discover how well activated charcoal works as an odor removal agent in my damp basement. In no time at all, the charcoal removed the musty mildew smell from the area.

You can always try good, old-fashioned baking soda. This is a natural product that works well in areas like the fridge or on carpeting. However, you may want to look into a stronger odor removal product for serious smells. Baking soda does a fine job but it just doesn’t stand up to more technologically advanced products made specifically for odor removal.

One of those products that merge technology with getting rid of unpleasant smells is the ozone machine. This product does require you (or a hired professional) to do a little work in order to get the odor out of the area. However, this approach does yield excellent results that you will adore.

Enzymes are all the rage these days when it comes to odor removal. This kind of product is applied directly to the source of the smell and it chemically alters that source, making the smell disappear. I used this odor removal product on portions of my hardwood floor that had been sprayed by the previous homeowner’s pets.

The enzymes worked wonders and this is an example of an odor removal product that does have to be applied right on the source. This can be tricky if you don’t know exactly where the odor is coming from. If you don’t know where to spray, you’re pretty much shooting in the dark.

This may seem a little hard to believe but my basement smelled but I couldn’t pinpoint where the smell actually lived. This is why the activated charcoal was a much better option for this area.

There are other options to consider as well. Some odor removal products are designed for specific types of smells while others clean the air of unpleasant scents in general. No matter what, they are a great investment for a happier, fresher home.