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Teacher Classroom Supplies: Pick Up Extra While Shopping

With cutbacks in school funding becoming ever more common, teachers, more often than not, are digging into their own wallets to buy teacher classroom supplies that the schools used to fund. Most teacher’s salaries don’t make this easy on their budgets, but they buy these classroom supplies for the sake of the children. At this time of year, stores have really good buys on back-to-school supplies, with ruled paper packs, pencils, crayons and other standard school supplies on sale at ridiculously low prices. Here’s a chance for you to help the teacher out. If every parent tossed in just a few extra items, at an added cost of just $1-2, your children’s teacher would undoubtedly be delighted.

Contact some of your neighbors and friends whose kids attend the same school and see if you can’t get a teacher classroom supplies gift basket going. Here are some of the teacher classroom supplies which teachers run short of most often.

1. Newsprint pads: these are used for lots of art projects, by the rheem! If every parent put in a single pad, chances are teacher wouldn’t run out for the entire semester. A good pick.

2. Wide-ruled paper: although most schools require that kids supply their own, teachers appreciate having some extra on hand. Some children run out of their supply and can’t afford to buy more.

3. Crayons: you’ve probably seen the big ‘community’ tubs of crayon pieces sitting at the tables when kids are doing an art project. As you probably know from personal experience at home with your kids, this is the usual fate of that once bristling box of 96 crayons. It’s the same with teacher classroom supplies – times 30! If your kid’s teacher has a few boxes of extra crayons on hand, a complete selection of colors is always available.

4. Construction paper: You can get great deals on big packs of construction paper during the end of summer sales, sometimes for as little as 50 cents! Kids in the lower grades consume colored construction paper like water for a variety of projects throughout the year, so help keep those Thanksgiving, Holiday, Valentines and Easter projects going!

5. Handwriting practice pads: these specially ruled paper pads are essential in the lower grades, teaching kids to print and then learn cursive writing. Buy an extra pad to throw in to the teacher classroom supplies pool.

6. Glue sticks and school glue: these are must-haves for so many school projects, teacher can never have too many of these classroom supplies.

Increasing the bounty of teacher classroom supplies, at bargain late summer prices, helps both teachers and your community. A simple, but effective way of giving to better education!