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Fear: How To Overcome It

People don’t often realize the importance that fear plays in their lives. It’s not something that is talked about very often, and when it is it is often discussed in large degrees and extreme cases. For The Face of Fearinstance, people often talk about the fear associated with being mugged. Well, of course a stranger, possibly with a weapon, would frighten you. But what about the smaller, everyday fears that no one talks about but everyone feels? To overcome fear in your day to day life can make you happy and stress-free.

You might be confused about what I’m talking about to overcome fear in your daily life. You might not work in a dangerous occupation or encounter violence to need to overcome fear. It could be in the most innocent seeming places. To overcome fear, you need to first identify it. But how? It’s easy to know you’re afraid when a stranger knocks on your door. But what about the smaller fears? Well, you still have the same feelings or symptoms of fear that you do with the scary stranger, but in smaller degrees.

Does something like talking to your boss make your palms sweaty and you get a tightening in your stomach? That’s fear, just as much as your encounter with a potential mugger. The difference is in the severity of fear you feel. And while this severity seems small, it still has adverse affects on your daily functioning, your interactions and relationships, and your bodily and emotional health, even if you don’t notice it right away.

You still need to overcome fear, no matter what size. So, after you’ve identified the things that scare you, by noticing the symptoms of fear, you can overcome fear. The next step is to figure out why these situations or circumstances scare you. Let’s assume it is your boss that brings you fear. It makes sense; people can easily project their entire job security into the hands of their boss. But this isn’t always the case. The truth to overcome fear in this case is to think logically and rationally. Your boss, for instance, hired you. She wanted you to be working here, and if you haven’t given her a reason to fire you, she won’t.

The way to overcome fear is through rational thought. Fear is not just an emotional state. At its very core, fear is a reaction. And while emotions are difficult to control, you can very much control your reactions. Thinking and planning reactions ahead of time is the key to overcome fear.