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Kitchen Remodeling Plans: Compromise To Stay Within Your Budget

My daughter and two of her friends recently purchased a “fixer upper”. They thought this would be a fun summer project and would provide them with inexpensive housing. Much of the house needed only cosmetic help, but the kitchen was going to need complete kitchen remodeling plans. At first the girls thought that if they did bits and pieces along the way that they would be able to tackle the kitchen themselves. However as they began removing wallpaper and looking at the flooring they knew they needed professional help. A friend of ours is a contractor. He looked over the house and presented the girls with kitchen remodeling plans that took into account everything that they said they wanted changed. After reviewing the kitchen remodeling plans, they decided that they were going to have to compromise on some of the things on their wish list to keep the project within the budget.

As with most projects the first thing to do is demolition. This was one part of the kitchen remodeling plans that was inexpensive and the girls had many friends that could help with this grunt work. Once the room was down to the bare bones the contractor came back to discuss which parts of the kitchen remodeling plans were affordable to the girls, and would at the same time offer a functional pleasing kitchen area. The girls were able to pare down the kitchen remodeling plans by choosing less expensive materials, which still provided quality. They decided to resurface the cabinets, rather than buying new ones. New cabinets were one of the most expensive items on the kitchen remodeling plans. Another area that saved them money and time was choosing linoleum flooring. This option reduced the labor and material cost of the tiles that where originally listed in the kitchen remodeling plans.

The walls needed some minor repair work that my husband was able to complete. The counter top was in good shape, but it was an ugly color. We found a technique using different painting techniques that created a surface that looks like stone. There is a special sealer that is put on top to preserve the paint from chipping and peeling. The counter top was another large expense removed from the kitchen remodeling plans.

Through doing much of the labor themselves with the help of friends and family the girls were able to pare down the costs of the kitchen remodeling plans so that they had enough money left over to paint and replace carpet in other areas of the house. Now they have a comfortable home to live in and will turn a profit on it when the time comes to sell it.