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Healthy Desserts: Is There Such A Thing?

Is there such a thing as a good tasting healthy dessert? Or is that just a myth? If you are dieting and exercising, you probably think a healthy dessert consists of a boaring oat cake that never satisfies your dessert craving? I don’t know about you, but I crave something sweet after dinner. Gimme a Snickers bar any day of the week!

It is true, there are plenty of yucky and unsatisfying oat cakes and oat cake substitues around! However, there are other healthy alternatives you may not know about, and, in addition to these healthy alternatives, what is equally important to realize is that there is an alternative mental attitude you can develop to actually make healthy desserts more fulfilling.

But first off, let’s look at some of the alternatives: Did you know that partially milled rice could create a wonderful sweetener? Its true. It can be turned into a syrup which is called, appropriately enough: rice syrup. Rice syrup tastes great and its great for you. It goes well on waffles or toast or mixed with yogurt. Frozen desserts made from milled rice are also perfect alternatives to ice cream. Look for them next to the Ben and Jerry’s. Did you know that there is a good tasting alternative to chocolate? It is called carob. Carob is a very good tasting alternative to chocolate, and it comes in several varieties. Stevia extract is another good-for-you sweetener that many people add to their coffee.

For anyone who is dieting and exercising, there really is a whole world of healthy, good-tasting deserts out there you may not be aware of. Go to your local health food store and ask someone there.

Now, once you know the healthy alternatives are out there, you have to cultivate the right attitude toward them. I am not suggesting you pretend to like something that you do not like. I am just saying that there is a reason you do not like it. It is not just physical. It is emotional.

If you are normal, you are looking for “sweetness” in the metaphorical sense of the word. You are looking for something to fill the void. You are looking for the feeling of ‘sweet” that sugar seems to give you. It is a high. That is ok, most everyone else is looking for a similar high also, and not just those focused on dieting and exercise. We all want the light headed euphoria that can come from eating unhealthy desserts.

You can get it from the alternative desserts, if you are patient enough to practice giving it to yourself. Desserts do not really give you the sweet feeling. You do. If you are eating a so-called unhealthy dessert, and it “makes” you feel better, take a closer look. Its your attitude and your need for it made you feel better.

With practice, you can capture that attitude and transfer it to alternative sweeteners. This will make dieting and exercise much easier. Give it a try!