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To Reduce High Cholesterol Levels Doctors Have Two Options

Having a high cholesterol level can increase one’s risk of certain conditions and diseases which can prove fatal to a person. There are many causes of a high level of blood cholesterol in the body. Some of these causes are unavoidable, such as the person’s genes, age and gender. These factors are not something that can be altered to suit one’s health or lifestyle. In order to reduce high cholesterol levels in an individual, doctors have the following two options.

Lifestyle Changes

To reduce high cholesterol in the blood stream and prevent conditions that can lead to a fatality, one should make some lifestyle changes. There are several habits and factors that should be kept in check in order to reduce high cholesterol levels in the blood stream. The first factor that should be considered if one has a high cholesterol level is one’s weight. There is a weight range on which a person should belong to in order to be pronounced as healthy. Being excessively overweight, can jeopardize one’s health and add to one’s risk of having a high blood cholesterol count.

Another change that should be considered if one needs to reduce high cholesterol is one’s diet. The foods that we ingest and consume have a lot of say in the levels of cholesterol in the body. Learning what foods can help to reduce high cholesterol as well as which to avoid can help ion controlling and managing the levels of cholesterol. There are foods that can help lower cholesterol and there are foods that heighten the levels as well.

Exercise is a great way to reduce high cholesterol levels in a person. Not only does exercise help to lower the levels of bad cholesterol but it also keeps one physically fit and aids in lowering the person’s weight. Exercise can be combined with a good diet to reduce high cholesterol in the blood stream. Maintaining a low cholesterol level is a necessary aspect in staying healthy and avoiding health conditions that can be fatal for a person.


Medication is sometimes recommended by trained and certified specialists in order to reduce high cholesterol in a person’s blood. These may be necessary to reduce high cholesterol if the lifestyle changes do not work for an individual or if there is a need for immediate lowering of a person’s cholesterol level. Some of the medications and drugs used to reduce high cholesterol can have adverse side effects, so it is important to work closely with your doctor while taking these medications.