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Plants And Flowers For Your Yard

My husband and I bought a new home, which means we also bought a new yard. I am glad that it is winter right now because I have no idea how to landscape a yard. I love to look at plants and flowers. Plants and Flowers For Your YardI do not love taking care of them. I have started to do a little research on plants and flowers for our yard and I have come across some wonderful ideas. The only problem is getting those ideas to work.

Of the information I have acquired about plants and flowers, the most valuable information has come from seasoned gardeners and do-it-yourself landscapers. I learned that some plants and flowers need to be planted again every year. I do not find this appealing because, as I mentioned, I like to look more than I like to work. It is a good idea for me to find out right away if the plants and flowers are annuals. The annuals die away during the winter and do not revisit in the spring.

Many people choose to buy perennials. Perennials are plants and flowers that only need to be planted once. They may die off in the winter, but they revisit in the spring. This is very appealing to me and I am starting to decide which perennials I want for my yard. Many perennials are flowering plants and beautiful shrubs that grow again and again each year. However, I was really disappointed when I discovered that there are other things to consider before buying plants and flowers.

There are animals that visit yards on a regular basis. Our house rests on two acres and most of the two acres is heavily wooded. This was appealing to me because the woods are nice to look at, but they require no maintenance. The wooded area of our property houses many animals. Some of these animals like to snack on plants and flowers. Since it is unlikely that I will be able to train the deer, raccoons, rabbits and squirrels on property dining etiquette, I need to consider which plants and flowers will not be palatable.

Unfortunately, what I find palatable to my eyes is palatable to our neighboring animals’ taste buds as well. The plants and flowers that are not on the dinner menu for our furry friends are downright unappealing to look at in most cases. The plants and flowers that are pleasing to the eye but not pleasant for the animals to eat are often annuals.

I guess that if I want a landscaped yard that has beautiful plants and flowers gracing the property, I have to either share with the animals or replant every year. Come to think of it, this gives me an excuse to add new plants and flowers every year…I like that idea.