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Activated Carbon Filters Can Clear Up Your World Too

Activated carbon filters are made of one of the most adsorbent materials known to man. Molecules stick to the outside of activated carbon, causing it to be extremely useful in filtering water, air, and many many other

English: Activated carbon both in powder and b...

English: Activated carbon both in powder and block form Deutsch: Aktivkohle in Pulver -und Blockform (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

things. You will find activated carbon filters in air filters, drinking water filters, groundwater filtration, and a wide variety of other uses. These filters are also used to filter out odors from the air, as well as filtering dangerous environmental contaminants.

One of the best uses for an activated carbon filter is if you have serious allergy problems or chemical sensitivities. Activated carbon filters are used in air purifier system to remove dust, pollen, dander, mold, and a variety of other particles from the air you breathe, resulting in cleaner air and a healthier you. If you use activated carbon filters, you will notice that you will sleep better, have less allergies, be less prone to illness and your room will even smell better and cleaner.

You can find activated carbon filters in water purifiers as well. These devices use the activated carbon filters to remove contaminants from the water such as dirt, mold, and dissolved elements that can make your water taste very funky. People often assume that buying bottled water is a safe alternative to an activated carbon filter, but this is definitely not the case. In reality, bottled water is often heavily contaminated, and even less safe than drinking water, so you can do so much better by employing an activated carbon filter.

I used to suffer from allergies all the time. I would sneeze a lot, especially in the spring and fall. My head would feel congested and my nose and throat would itch like crazy. One day I walked into my bedroom and noticed that the sun was shining through at just the right angle to illuminate all these particles floating around in the air. That was when I decided to take action and clean things up. I purchased an activated carbon filter air purifier with a hepa filtration system also included, and the difference that this simple device has made is amazing.

I used to wake up with sinus headaches from breathing through swollen nasal passages all night, but not any more! Now I wake up feeling like I got a good nights sleep and the air in my bedroom smells fresh and clean. I have more energy throughout the day and that translates to more exercise, which improves my overall health. So, its clear to me that the combination of activated carbon and HEPA filtration was what I needed. I can honestly say that it cleared up my life for the better.

Tip: Activated Carbon Filters for air purifiers should be replaced every three months (depending on the environment its in). You can stretch this a little further by taking the carbon filter out, then carefully vacuuming it. Your HEPA filter shouldn’t need to be replaced, but it will also need regular vacuuming to keep it working at maximum efficiency. To save money on the activated carbon filters, purchase the generic carbon filters that can be cut to size (they are very easy to cut). These can be found at any Lowes or Home Depot.