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Use Accent Lighting To Add The Right Look

When it comes to home remodeling, the importance of detail is often overlooked. But it’s the details that bring your individual style and personality to the project. One of the most inexpensive ways to enhance a room is by using light to transform the space. A small detail like accent lighting can be just as important as the floor plan to the look of the room when the final product is finished.

There are many choices in accent lighting from table lamps and floor lamps to track lighting and in-wall or in-ceiling fixtures. When decorating your home, lighting should never be overlooked or considered an insignificant detail. Light can make the difference between a cold room and a warm room, and the accent lighting you choose will go beyond function and set the tone you want to establish in your home.

The first step is to survey the room and look for any dark corners or shadowy areas. Choosing the right accent lighting can be as simple as finding the perfect lamp for a table in a far corner of the room that is not reached by the room’s larger lighting fixtures. Next you want to make sure that the accent lighting you choose for a room will be functional and not interfere with the flow of the room. This means no stray cords in the middle of the floor or placing lamps where they could be knocked over. A few years ago there were a series of halogen lamps on the market that became too hot even started fires when they were placed too close to walls and ceilings. You should always keep safety in mind when choosing appropriate lighting for your home.

Installing small lights under the cabinets in the kitchen is a good way to provide accent lighting along the countertop without the hassle and clutter of cords and wires from lamps. Because the kitchen is used to prepare food, you want the accent lighting in this room to be as unobtrusive as possible. Another place where accent lighting should be functional is the bathroom. Selecting a decorative but functional track light over the sink or a set of two separate wall fixtures on either side can enhance the appearance of the room without interfering with the purpose of the room.

If you have a piece of artwork that is particularly spectacular, you can order special accent lighting that will highlight the piece. Rather than getting lost on the wall, the art will stand out and serve as a main focal point in the room. And even if your art is nothing special, the right accent lighting can turn a simple picture into a work of art, creating depth in the piece that would otherwise go unnoticed. Go for the look that you enjoy, because that’s what counts.