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A Barbie Birthday Party For Your Little Girl?

Barbie has celebrated her 50th anniversary, still capturing the hearts of young girls today. This young-at-heart icon has been updated several times over the last 50 years, keeping her in first place as the world’s most popular doll. Along the years, her boyfriend Ken – as ageless as Barbie – has had some changes made to his hair to keep him in step with the times. Now, the line of Barbie and Ken accessories is mind-boggling, with a complete line of home furniture, chaise lounges and other backyard and beach gear.

Girls spend hours and hours combing, brushing and styling Barbie’s hair, changing costumes and making up activities and stories they never tire of: one day she’s cooking up a storm, the next she’s getting ready for the prom. If you’ve got a little girl with a birthday coming up, a Barbie birthday party theme is sure to be a hit. So how do you throw a Barbie birthday party? Easy.

With someone as popular as Barbie, you’ll have no trouble finding the right props and decorations. A good place to start is at the party store. You’ll need Barbie invitations, a paper Barbie tablecloth, balloons, candles, streamers, paper plates and napkins. Any party store worth its salt will have a supply of all of these items on hand.

The purely Barbie birthday party should include Barbie party favors for each of the girls. Some good party favor choices include Barbie coloring books, Barbie pens and pencils, Barbie-decorated notebooks and binders. A visit to the toy section – or shall I say – Barbie aisle of the toy department, is sure to turn up packages of Barbie jewelry, shoes, tiaras and other accessories your Barbie fans will cherish. Another cute idea is found in the plastic tableware section, with Barbie plates and cups from which cake and milk can be served at your Barbie birthday party event.

Let your girl fill out the invitations and then help her with addressing and mailing them off. It’s a good idea to mail out your invitations at least two weeks in advance, so everyone invited sets that day aside. It’s a party they won’t want to miss!

Now, what about that birthday cake? Every supermarket bakery is well prepared to bake a Barbie-themed sheet cake for this special occasion. (You might want to keep this feature of the Barbie birthday party a secret, for an added thrill for the birthday girl.)

On the big day, you and the birthday girl can put up the decorations and set the table.

Did I forget to mention the menu? Barbie eats pizza and hot dogs, just like any other girl! When it’s time to serve the cake, don’t forget, the ice cream should be pink, Barbie’s favorite color, if I’m not mistaken.

You can see that it is easy indeed to plan and host a Barbie birthday party, which she’ll always remember as one of the best. Thanks Mom!