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What Current Hair Designs Are In Style?

What do you spend the most time grooming each morning? Is it your face, teeth, finger nails, hair, or possibly your cat? Well, let’s hope it’s not a feline. Anyway, in my experience, women spend more time perfecting their hairdo than any other aspect of their being. Sure, they put on make-up, brush their teeth, get dressed for 45 minutes, but nothing typically takes precedence over their hair. What in the world is it about the hair? Luckily I am male and have short hair that doesn’t even require the touch of a comb. However, the three girls I share a home with have certainly made an impression on me regarding women and their infinite hair designs, products, and styles. When does it ever end?

What current hair designs are in style? Do you keep up on all the trends concerning long hair, curly dews, straight styles, and all the rest? My wife and teenage daughter can’t seem to get enough of all these hair designs. In fact, they actually purchase magazines specifically addressing and exposing all the current hair trends. One season it’s long hair, the next it’s perfectly straight hair, then later it’s wild hair. Why even try and keep up with all these crazy hair designs? I have to say, and I’m not afraid to admit it, but I’ve sported the same short, spikey hair for around 8 years. So the way I figure, if you can get away with it, then go for it. Gees, I’m such a guy. Always wanting to take the lazy route. Oh well. As long as you’re not holding on to those 80s hair designs, you should be good to go. Unfortunately our contemporary society has deemed big hair and mullets ridiculous. Well, for now anyway. Who knows what type of hair designs the future will bring.

Are you in search of some new and fresh hair designs? Well, you could always invest in a few of those magazines. You know the ones with all the celebrities grinning on the red carpet with their million dollar do’s. Also, you could simply hop on the internet and get a recent update of all the fun and exciting hair designs going on now days. Just remember, although some crazy hair dew looks great on some random actress, doesn’t mean it will look good on you. Much has to do with your face shape when hair designs are concerned. It may be wise to consult a professional and get a second opinion. Why? Because a bad hair cut seems to last much longer than a good one.

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