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Online Education Is Here To Stay And That’s A Good Thing!

Now that online education is here to stay, you may well have thought of trying it out, especially when you consider all the hype that surrounds it. Furthermore, it may seem like a more plausible idea with the recession continuing to bite. We all want to save a few extra bucks and possibly earn a few extra too, at the same time. Online education is a good alternative that can help you do exactly that. You may be looking to fill that vacant position at work but you lack the academic qualifications needed. With an online degree you can achieve a good education and the promotion. If you feel you possess the needed skills but you do not have papers to back up your claim, online education may be the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Taking online classes has plenty of advantages over traditional classes. The main advantage to online education is time flexibility. In a traditional (brick and mortar) environment, you have to take your classes as per a set class schedule. If you get there late you miss the class or have to hope that someone was taking good notes (good luck with that). With an online education, you and your assigned team members decide when to meet to work on assignments. If you happen to miss a class, you can catch up via email or by following the internet messaging (IM) conversation thread that your group left.

Online classes also have the benefit of allowing students more interaction with others who would otherwise not be as available in a traditional classroom setting. Direct access to your professor(s) is much easier via instant messaging, email or specific question and answer sessions that the instructor sets aside for all students to ask as many questions as they wish. Consider for example, the interaction that would exist between a student from London, another from Tokyo and another from Washington. They can share ideas, exchange experiences and work together on their projects. The same can be done at most major Universities; however, the online students are doing this from the comfort of their own home.

Earning A Degree Is Hard Work:

I graduated from the University of Phoenix Online, and it was a proud day in my life. I was proud because I fulfilled a major life goal, but it was more than that, I realized that I “learned how to learn” and gained a tremendous amount of knowledge by working very hard for 3, non-stop, years to achieve that goal. And, like many others, I did this while holding down a full-time professional career with international travel and a rich family life. So, believe me when I say it, don’t start a online degree program unless you are willing to work your “rear-end” off.

You have probably seen the advertisements for all the online universities, but don’t let the glitz or the hype fool you. No matter how good they make their school look, it’s all about you and your willingness to work hard for what you want. Just because the school is online dosen’t make the course material any easier. If the online univeristy is accredited (very important), you will be receiving the same course level instruction as any other university, period. That is why online universities require some professional work experience and have minimum age requirements.

With many people going back to school to improve their chances of getting a promotion or changing careers, it has become necessary to juggle between academics and social life. Some of these people are working moms and dads. In a traditional setting, it would have been a race against time each waking moment in order to juggle all of these at once. However, thanks to online education, this is not necessarily the case, a working mom can easily attend her classes right at home and still fulfill her family responsibilities. The same goes for the dad who always wanted to have the competitive edge that a degree offers. More and more people are opting for online classes over traditional ones and this trend will likely increase in the future. Online education is here to stay.