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Tanning Lotion

All the advantages of sunbathing can be enjoyed at the maximum if people know how to use a high quality sunless tanning lotion. Scientific evidence continues to bring unsettling facts to the Tanning Lotion Makes All The Differencepublic attention concerning the damage of excessive or uncontrolled sun exposure. How can a tanning lotion help? The UVA and UVB represent the main threat to human skin, but with a sunless tanning lotion you can get a dream golden skin without any risks whatsoever. Even so, complaints do exist about the doubtful quality of some bronzer products present on the market. The most common of problems is the tendency to streak and spot, which is both unaesthetic and mood-ruining.

DHA is the basic ingredient of any self tanning lotion; this substance reacts with the amino-acids present in the upper skin layers and leads to the appearance of the beautiful tan color. Hence, when shopping for such products, always check that they contain DHA. Then, skin moisture care is also important given the fact that a tanning lotion with some natural hydration agent will leave the skin soft, beautiful and elastic. Aloe vera for instance works as a great moisturizer, and many of the skincare products include it in their composition. The packages should indicate the concentration level or the proportions in which herbal extracts are present in the lotion.

Last but not least, any user must check the sunscreen properties of the tanning lotion he or she uses. This is the only way to make sure that you don’t get exposed to harmful sunlight without even knowing it. Most of the tanning lotion categories contain sunscreen built in, but scientists point out that it is often insufficient. Even if you have a tan, apply a sunscreen product all the same. Not only will it contribute to the beautiful bronze look, but it will prevent the discomfort of sunburns too.

Does a tanning lotion bring a darker tan? A more intense chocolate color of the skin results after multiple applications of a tanning lotion product. The instructions on the package should guide you step by step towards a nice tanned look with all the precautions necessary. It is advisable to talk to a physician in case you suffer from some skin problem; chemical reactions are possible given the fact that the tanning lotion mainly relies on a combination of artificially created substances that induce the pigment at the skin level. Moreover, one of the ingredients could also have low tolerance, which may lead to the appearance of skin rashes and even allergies.