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Bad Breath: Is It Ruining Your Social Life?

Do you have the power? I’m talking about the power to knock others dead with a single word. If you do, you might want to grab a Tic-Tac. There’s plain and simply nothing cool about “death breath” (Nasty!). So for all you Halitosis victims out there, we need to talk. After all, this could be ruining your social life. That’s the last thing you want. However, this is no time to fret. There are cures for bad breath in this day and age. One is called a toothbrush. And it’s high time you learned how to use it. Okay, that’s just a little joke there. I’m sure everyone already understands that regular brushing is imperative, therefore the funky breath must derive from elsewhere. Are you ready, people? It’s time to discuss cures for bad breath, and eliminate that foul odor for good.

We all know what morning breath is. Virtually every human being wakes up with it. Well, maybe except for Jennifer Love Hewitt, but anyway. The point is that we all suffer from bad breath in the morning. Of course this is because we just spent 8 hours with our mouths shut, creating the ideal environment for bacteria growth (a regular bacteria-palooza). Now, how do we fix this small dilemma? What are the basic cures for bad breath in the AM? That’s an easy one.

You can either go brush your choppers, use a powerful mouthwash, or pop in a Certs. Personally, I recommend the second one. I see no reason to brush my teeth until after breakfast. After all, I wasn’t exactly eating in my sleep. This is where I think many folks go wrong. It’s crucial to brush your teeth well after each meal. Come on, it’s feasible if you think about it. It’s not difficult to use the restroom after lunch and give the choppers a quick polish. This is one of the best cures for bad breath. Simply keep your teeth and mouth clean.

Never forget to brush your tongue! Furthermore, at the end of each day, you’ll want to floss well. This ensures that you won’t be afflicted with gingivitis, a gum disease. Regular flossing is one of the forgotten cures for bad breath. These routine hygiene habits will definitely decrease your chances of getting stuck with “death breath.” Finally, if your current cures for bad breath are failing you, then you may want to consult your dentist. In addition, you can always pick up some sugar-free gum or breath mints at the local drug or grocery store. In this contemporary world, you should have no trouble finding the best cures for bad breath.