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Headache Treatment: Your Best Options

Nothing can ruin a mood, a day or a special occasion like a headache. When a bad headache strikes, all you can think about is relief from the intense pain behind your eyes, top of your head or at the base of your skull. As a migraine sufferer, I understand the dibilitating pain an intense headache can cause. For those of you who suffer from intense headaches, you know that I’m not talking about the garden-variety head pain. Intense migraine headaches are at the top of the pain scale. The only way to adequately describe the pain is to image what it would feel like to have a bowling ball dropped on the top of your head from a second floor window. For a split-second, the pain you would feel prior to collapsing to the ground would be comparable to a bad migraine headache. The only difference would be that the bowling ball would render you unconsious or kill you; whereas, a migraine will hammer away at you hours or days.

Treatment for headaches is nothing new; all the way back to ancient Egypt physicians have been looking for the best headache treatment they could. Doctors and physicians still disagree exactly what happens to your head during a headache. They agree that the problem is blood flow – the blood vessels contracting and relaxing around the brain. To have the proper headache treatment, you really should know the cause of your headache. Here a couple of tips to find the best headache treatment for your specific situation.

Headache treatment should really begin with headache prevention. If you can find the reason that you have headaches, and alter your lifestyle or diet to stop the headaches from even happening, that is the most effective headache treatment you can get. Most headaches are brought on by tension and stress. Discover what your headache triggers are – make a list of the top stress causers in your life. Is there are way to get around, or solve those problems? Perhaps you can change your commute or your daily routine to lower your stress levels. For most people, this is the best headache treatment. If you can’t eliminate the stress causers in your life, are there ways to treat them before they give you migraines? Perhaps you don’t have the budget you like, but if you can find a way to balance your income and expenses, you won’t have the same financial stress – and you’ll have less headaches.

Headache treatment might lie in diet and nutrition as well. Most people report headaches from the excess or lack of caffeine. Perhaps if you wean yourself off of coffee, tea or soft drinks, you’ll find the fluctuations of caffeine in your blood system will stop – and so will the headaches. Another strong possibility is the lack of water in your body. Dehydration means that all of your body’s systems and organs are running a little slow. This includes headaches. A couple of more glasses of water each day might be the only headache treatment you need.

In a recent online survey conducted by the National Headache Foundation, 53% of respondents have switched to OTC medications instead of their prescription drugs to save money. Novartis Consumer Health has introduced Excedrin Express Gels, which have a fast-release ring for headache relief designed to start within 15 minutes. Following two successful clinical trials, GelStat Corp has introduced GelStat Migraine. Although not a new product, kudzu root, known to affect neurotransmitters and long used as an alternative therapy in treating migraine and cluster headache, has received a serious new look from R. Andrew Sewell, MD, a researcher at Yale University School of Medicine. Cassell, D.. (2009, June). Fast relief for headaches and migraines. Drug Topics, 153(6), 28. Retrieved August 3, 2009, from ABI/INFORM Global. (Document ID: 1790256061).

There is of course a variety of pills and medication you can turn to for headache treatment. Some work, others don’t. The key to real headache treatment is in headache prevention. If you can eliminate the causes of your headaches, you’ll have a much happier, carefree day.


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