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Birthday Cake Ideas For Your Next Celebration

Delicious Birthday CakeBirthday celebrations are the most ubiquitous party in the United States; far more people celebrate them than those that don’t. And, it’s hard to imagine a birthday party without a birthday cake. For some people, birthday cakes can make or break good birthday parties. If the birthday cake is bad, a lot of guests will be disappointed.

First of all, birthday cakes come in all shapes and sizes, but the first decision needs to be where you want to get the cake or even if you want it to be a cake at all! There was a trend in the late 90’s of using birthday cookie cakes – essentially a chocolate chip cookie the size of a pizza! However, I would recommend that when you’re throwing your parties, go with traditional birthday cakes; no need to get cute.

Obviously, any major supermarket or large grocer will have a couple of pre-made birthday cakes available and will write a person’s name on with icing. Some of these stores will also make custom birthday cakes, though that isn’t always the case. If you’re willing to spend a little more money, go to your favorite bakery. They’re always ready and willing and able to put together a cake on a few days notice. Remember, people aren’t going to look back much on the party, but I always remember the birthday cakes of the parties I went to.

Another route to take would be to make any birthday cakes yourself. Assuming you have a decent hand in the kitchen, you can find thousands of recipes for birthday cakes on-line. The key to making a good cake isn’t just the recipe, it’s also the ingredients. Even something as simple as having fresh flour, organic eggs, fresh squeezed lemon juice instead of bottled, the best ingredients will elevate your birthday cakes from ordinary to special for little money.

Regardless of how you get your birthday cakes, once the party starts, everyone knows what to do. Gather the guests around, dim the lights. When you’re looking at birthday candles, I recommend using one traditional candle for each year for the birthday guest; avoid the numeral candles. Following the singing and blowing out of candles, simply cut up the birthday cake and pass it out. Don’t forget the milk, ice cream or both!

Birthday cakes are always the centerpiece of any good birthday parties. Take a little bit of time and effort and you’ll find that good birthday cakes make a big difference.