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Last Minute Halloween Costumes

It’s October 31st and this year, you are sitting out Halloween. No costumes, no parties, no candies, sitting at home and watching scary movies is your idea of a good time. But then, out of nowhere, your best friend calls. All of sudden, you have to go with him or her to a costume party. What do you do? Finding a last minute costume is a skill that’s really no different than finding a last minute outfit. It requires some creativity and some resourcefulness. If you don’t have those two things, here are some good last minute costume ideas.

First of all, forget the costume shop. There might not be anything more miserable than going to a Halloween costume shop on the day of Halloween. It is crowded (I’ve seen shops that have lines out the door for fire safety reasons), and even if there are any costumes left, they are all in the marginal sizes (nothing between small or double-extra large), or so picked over and for good reason: it’s a bad costume.

So as far as last minute costume ideas go, avoid the shops. Instead, take inventory on what is at the back of your closet. You would be surprised at how out of date some of the stuff back there is. You never wear it any more, so maybe with a slight alteration, you can create a costume look. And it does not necessarily have to be clothes.

I think the best of the last minute costume ideas incorporates house-hold items in clever and unusual ways. The classic re-imagining of non-clothing into costumes is a white sheet to create a ghost costume. Frankly, I think that this cliche is due for a comeback; you would certainly get some looks for that one. There are other ways you can turn non-clothing items with some glue or some embellishments of some alterations into a surprisingly good or fun Halloween costume.

If you think outside of the box, you would be surprised at the number of good last minute costume ideas you can find, simply by looking around your house. Of course, the best of all of the last minute costume ideas is to be prepared and have a Halloween costume on hand “just in case”. Either way, if that best friend ever does call with a last minute invitation, you can be ready with some good last minute costume ideas.