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Medical Depression

All forms of depression are basically categorized as medical related. Depression is comprised of many stages of illness. They can range from mild depression, Bi-polar disorders or


depressed (Photo credit: Venturist)

manic depression, all the way up to major depression. Depression is a disease. Although it is a mental illness it is no different than heart disease or lung disease. It is a disease that affects one of the bodily organs. If you suffer from depression it does not mean that you are a lower form of life. It does not place you in a category that is stereotyped as weird or nuts. It simply means that you have an illness that requires treatment.

Depression starts out as a relatively unseen illness. Everyone becomes a little sad and depressed once in a while. Things go wrong in our lives that leave us down and out and in the dumps. This alone does not constitute depression. Depression is not a situation where you are depressed temporarily. Depression is an illness that will stay with you on a consistent basis. If the depressed mood seems to linger week after week and begins to affect your daily life than that is a sure sign of depression. If your mood changes with the wind and you can be up one minute and down the next than you are certainly showing signs of depression. If you are suffering from consistent insomnia or bad eating habits, these are also sure tell signs.

The cause of medical depression is sometimes complicated. It leaves open many possibilities and factors that must be taken into consideration. Stress is certainly one of the major causes of depression. There is so much stress in our lives today. We face stress in our relationships at home and at work. We confront stress everyday as we try to conduct our financial obligations. It seems the bills always over take the money you have coming in. The stress of raising children in today’s society can bring on medical depression. The stress of losing a loved one can result in much pain and emotional suffering that certainly can lead to forms of medical depression. Throw in the fact that there are biological, genetic and environmental considerations as well and you can see why it is complicated.

Over 17 million Americans each and every year are affected in some way by medical depression.

The positive result is that there are cures for medical depression. The negative result is that only a third will ever seek medical assistance. It is hard to get a cure if you don’t get diagnosed. There are medications both natural and prescribed on the market today. Medical professionals can also assist the cure by offering ‘talk therapy’. This is a means of talking out the problem with you. There are also many different support groups that allow you to associate with those who suffer and feel the same as you do. You do not have to get through medical depression alone. It will not heal itself. If you or anyone you love is showing signs of battling medical depression seek medical help immediately.