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What Are The Best Gifts For Girlfriends?

Finding good gifts for girlfriends can seem like a daunting task. Many women are extremely finicky in what they like or don’t like, and if you’re dating a girl like this it can make their approaching birthday seem like an impending doom. What can you possibly get her that she’ll be sure to like? What if she just hates it? What is going through that head of hers at any given moment, and what is the deal with the toilet seat thing??

These are all some examples of questions that race through my mind whenever there is an approaching gift-giving obligation for my girlfriend. Of all the gift giving events in any given year, it is the gifts for girlfriends that puts me the most on edge. You’re saying a lot when you get a gift for your girlfriend, no matter what you get them. Every gift has a message behind it that she’ll read like a book, so you have to be careful! A bottle of perfume or some chocolates may be good gifts at one point in a relationship, but may then be a slap in the face at another.

Don’t lose hope! Buying some nice gifts for girlfriends can be a lot easier than you’d think. Step number one; don’t panic. So you only have two days left, big deal. You can do a lot in two days. Panicking will just make you buy something on impulse, which is never the best way to go. Take a deep breath and think about the issue rationally. First of all, ask yourself what kind of message you want to convey. This is the key.

If you’re lucky in love and you want to show it, don’t hold back. Sure, she might tell you things like she’ll love you no matter what, and it doesn’t matter what you get her, and blah blah blah. No matter how ‘low maintenance’ your girlfriend is, she’ll be impressed by an expensive gift, so don’t be stingy. However, good gifts for girlfriends aren’t all about money, if you have one that is, you better find a high paying job to support her. Even more important than the price tag is how personalized the gift is to her.

This isn’t as hard as you’d think. Here are two gifts for girlfriends you can’t really go wrong with; clothes and jewelry. And for both you just have to think back on the kinds of things you’ve seen her wearing. Don’t tell me you haven’t been paying attention! If you must, pull out some pictures to jog your memory, and put the toilet seat down while you’re at it. Or, call one of her friends! Your girlfriend’s best friend can be an invaluable resource; don’t be too shy to ask for help.