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Anxiety Supplements Are Growing In Popularity

Anxiety disorders are very common among the American population, ranking as the most common mental health problem in the country. The spectrum of anxiety disorders includes panic attacks, agoraphobia, generalized and social anxiety as well as post-traumatic stress disorder. This spectrum of disorders is linked to heredity and environmental factors.

Traditionally, these disorders were treated with prescription medication and cognitive therapy. However, the disagreeable side effects of medication and the expense and time required to engage in cognitive therapy has many patients seeking natural approaches to treating their disorder. Anxiety supplements are growing in popularity across the board.

The first step should be to consult your physician. Anxiety supplements are useful, but many symptoms of the mental health disorder resemble physical diseases like hormone imbalance, hyperthyroidism or cardiac arrhythmias. These are serious physical conditions that require immediate medical attention and can not be treated with anxiety supplements. After consulting with your doctor an determine that your condition is mental and not physical, there are a number of options.

If you are not fond of the idea of taking prescription medications, anxiety supplements can be beneficial for you. The supplements have fewer side effects and they are much less daunting and less expensive. One of the most popular anxiety supplements is Chamomile tea.  This calming agent can be taken in the traditional way, through drinking the tea or you can opt to take Chamomile capsules.

Damiana is another anxiety supplement that has a calming effect and has been used to treat mild cases of depression as well. The herb is also used as a way to relax muscles and sedation. People with significant anxiety may benefit from taking capsules twice a day to elevate the symptoms naturally. However, Damiana should never be taken when pregnant. This supplement is very dangerous to a developing fetus.

Valerian root has been uses for centuries to help people battle insomnia and other sleep problems. This herb is an excellent anxiety supplement. Some researchers compare the effects on the brain to be similar to Prozac without the severe side effects the antidepressant can cause. This anxiety supplement may also be used to reduce stress because it has a calming effect on the brain. Valerian was commonly used by the Greeks and Romans to treat sleep disorders naturally.

There are a number of other anxiety supplements available to help you treat your condition naturally. While prescription medication and cognitive therapy may have negative elements, it is always wise to consult your physician to determine what is causing your anxiety. It is essential that you rule out physical causes for the symptoms.

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