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Long Hairstyles Are The Least Expensive And The Most Versitile

With the exception of the 1960s and part of the 1970s, long hair was not considered particularly stylish or chic. Perhaps this was because women, always looking for something new to do with their hair, followed the hair fashion trends, cutting, perming, layering and coloring without lifting an eyebrow. However, as with clothing, what goes around comes around.

Now, long hair is coming back in vogue, with many women envying those who are able to grow their hair down to the waist and beyond. Did you know that the length to which your hair will grow is hereditary? Yes indeed. While long hair is now defined as being below the shoulders, the number of possible hairstyles for long hair increases with the length of your hair.

Long hair is actually the most versatile, in terms of styling. It’s truly ‘wash and wear’. With long hair, not only do you not have to deal with the hassle, time and expense of the 6-week trim, or potentially suffer a stylist’s bad hair day, which ends up on your head, but there are more hairstyles for long hair than for any other length.

Do you remember the movie, ‘Elizabeth: The Golden Age’? In just one scene, as she’s riding her white horse to deliver her inspiring ‘Victory or Heaven’ speech, Elizabeth appears, bedecked in her shining armor, her below-the-waist length hair flowing romantically in the wind, held back with a single braid, that would put Guinevere (almost) to shame.

Up until this point in the movie, Elizabeth had her lady in waiting affix an already prepared wig, of the most elaborate arrangement, every time she changed her clothing – which was frequently. And all this time I thought women of the court must have spent all their time having their hair done! Nonetheless, Elizabeth’s hairstyles for long hair seemed never to run out of a fresh take. There’s no question that men always take a second look at a woman with long hair. So what’s the modern woman to do to take advantage of her crowning glory?

  Long hair is a wedding hair stylist’s dream come true/  . Up-do’s are every bride’s desire, even if it takes a fall piece to make it happen. The woman with long hair needs only a good stylist to make her look like Queen Elizabeth (the 16th century one, of course!) at the height of Medieval fashion. Hairstyles for long hair include French braids, which are easy enough to do yourself, high on romanticism and suitable for the office, a candlelight dinner, or a day at the beach.

With long hair, all you need is a box of steam curlers for a bountiful display of curls that lasts throughout the day or evening.
For dressier events, such as the ballet or ballroom dance, the popular, but more sedate figure eight bun, circled in braids and intertwined with ribbons or faux pearls is stunning. Be sure to use a lot of discreetly, but firmly placed hairpins, to keep it all in place.

Another of the fabulously come-hither hairstyles for long hair requires only a couple of sturdy tortoise-shell combs and a hundred strokes of brushing to attain the Flamenco dancer look. Now, if you’re just going to the grocery, here’s one of the simplest hairstyles for long hair: what a pony tail! Tie a length of lace ribbon around it, or secure your hair with a fancy barrette.

Here’s the simplest of all: brush your hair until it shines and tie a long silk scarf across your forehead, knotting the scarf at the back of your head, Native American style. This one turns heads for another glimpse at your chic styling. So what’s the bad news? Beware of motorcycle rides! Your hair will never be the same unless you get it all under the helmet!

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