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Medium Length Hair Will Always Be Hot!

Medium Length HairThere are countless styles for short hair and long hair, but what about all the hair lengths in between? Hairstyles for medium length hair can be just as fashionable as styles for any other length of hair given the right style and cut, and it reaps the benefits of its short and long counterparts—medium hair can be manipulated into various styles the way long hair can, and at the same time it’s easy to manage the way that short hair is.

And it just so happens that hairstyles for medium length hair are hot in 2010, specifically medium hair that’s layered and complimented with bangs. Layers have been around for some time, first popularized by Jennifer Aniston of Friends fame, and it’s no surprise why—while many hairstyles can only be pulled off with the right face, layered hairstyles flatter any face shape. Layered hair achieves a soft look when it’s straight and textured, and waves can work too. Bangs framing the face can be side swept or fringe styled, but side swept is definitely one of the big trends for the upcoming season.

If you spring for fringe bangs for the spring of 2010 instead, they’ll look great if they’re paired with a chignon bun. Other fashionable styles for 2010 include bob haircuts, blunt bangs, cropped, braided, sleek ponytails and hair in a concave style. For great celebrity examples of 2010 hairstyles for medium length hair, look to Nicole Richie, Jessica Simpson, Anne Hathaway, Charlize Theron, Kristen Bell, Mandy Moore and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Of course hair isn’t just about length and texture; having the most stylish haircut counts for nothing if your hair color is tragically atrocious. Red hues are becoming increasingly trendy, whether they’re auburn, mahogany or vibrant, bright red. Other popular hair colors in 2010 are deep brown, blond, plum/lavender, and dark black. When picking hair colors you should keep your natural hair color in mind, because it will decide which hues will compliment you best and what highlights or lowlights to use. A bad combination of colors will end in disaster, where as the perfect combination of color and cut guarantees success. So for instance, you might choose reddish brown layered medium length hair with side bangs for your 2010 look.

Lastly, hairstyles for medium length hair, and any length hair for that matter, benefit greatly from the perfect accessory. Consider a double hair comb, hairslides or a headband to enhance your hairstyle in a simple way.